Some Xbox users after upgrading to Gold subscription after the expiration period of the previous subscription may experience issues and start seeing the following error code on Xbox One – 0x803F900A. If the problem persists for a long time, you can try to follow the following steps to remove the Xbox error code 0x803F900A.

The cause of this error code is nothing out of the ordinary, and to fix things you will need to spend some money or log in with the correct account. You see, a lot of users overlook simple things when it comes to their Xbox, so what might seem odd is pretty common.

Xbox error code 0x803F900A

To play your subscription game and fix this error, you will need to follow one or both of the following steps, depending on your needs:

  • Log in as the subscription holder
  • Renew your subscription

In addition to the above, network quality can be another issue. So make sure you connect with good quality and consistent speed. Bad streaming, hard disconnect or buffering won’t help!

  1. Log in with the account associated with the subscription.
  2. Open Guide and navigate to Profile and system.
  3. To select Add or change.
  4. Choose a profile to change and login.
  5. Access the Microsoft account for the new profile.
  6. Extend your subscription by following the on-screen instructions.

Let’s cover the steps in a little detail.

It is seen when the Xbox services are unable to recognize the purchase of the game by the account, they temporarily stop the services, until confirmed.

To resolve this issue, sign in with the account associated with the subscription.

Press the Xbox button on your Xbox One controller to open the guide.

Move towards Profile & system.

To select ‘Change profile’.

Xbox Error code 0x803F900A

Select the profile you want to switch to.

Enter the password to sign in to the new profile’s Microsoft account.

Renew your subscription. If you are already logged in as the subscription holder and the game does not start, you probably need to renew the subscription.

Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide and navigate to the ‘Profile & system’.

Then go to ‘Settings‘, to select ‘Account‘, and navigate to ‘Subscriptions‘. If the entry says the subscription has expired, select ‘Extend your subscription‘ and follow the steps to renew.

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Everything we have discussed here should be good enough to fix the error code problem, but if you are still in trouble, leave a note in the comment section.

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