The term “data” is not new to us. This is one of the main things taught when you go into information technology and computers. If you recall, data is considered the raw form of information. Although already there for a decade, the term bigdata is a buzz these days. As is evident from the term, data loads and loads, it is big data and it can be processed in different ways using different methods and tools to get the required information. This article discusses the concepts of Big Data, using the 3 Vs mentioned by Doug Laney, a pioneer in the field of data warehousing who is considered the originator of the field of infonomics (Information Economy).


Before continuing, you might want to read our articles on the basics of big data and using big data to capture its essence. They might add to this post for more explanation of Big Data concepts.

Big Data 3 vs.

The data, in its huge form, accumulated by different means was properly classified in different databases earlier and deleted after some time. When the concept emerged that the more data there is, the easier it is to find different and relevant information using the right tools, companies started storing data for longer periods of time. This means adding new storage devices or using the cloud to store data in any form: documents, spreadsheets, databases and HTML, etc. They are then organized into appropriate formats using tools capable of handling huge volumes of data. Data.


In other words, the 3D model of Big Data is based on three dimensions: the USEFUL data you have; correct marking of data; and faster processing. If these three elements are supported, your data can easily be processed or analyzed to determine what you want.

The above explains both the concepts and the 3D model of Big Data. The articles linked in the second para will prove additional support if you are new to the concept.

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