LockItTight is a free online laptop recovery service that allows you to monitor Windows laptops and Android mobile phones; it is an additional security measure to protect the gadgets from thieves. The service is completely free but ad-supported, but if you want an ad-free version, you can upgrade to the paid account.

Free Online Laptop Recovery Service

LockItTight is very easy to use. First, you need to create your online account on their website. Then you need to download the small client app for your device. Once you download the file during installation, enter the same email and password you created on the LockItTight website. And that’s all; you can now manage and monitor your PC online from the LockItTight website.

Now whenever you log into your online account, you can see a list of devices that have been added to your account. To view device reports, click the device for which you want to view reports.

By default, the report interval is 120 minutes, but you can change it as you wish, but remember that the maximum is 120 minutes. Since you are using a free version, LockItTight can only save the last five reports. I mean you can only save up to five last records no more than that.

The program can provide you with seven types of reports, namely:

  • Location: This shows you the current location of the device. If your device is GPS-powered, the results may be more accurate.
  • Screens: Capture a screenshot of the device to give you an idea, what is done on it?
  • Camera: Captures a photo with the camera, if installed on the device.
  • Docs: You can track certain locations on your device. You can track files in My Documents, My Music, My Pictures, Program Files, and Desktop.
  • Keys: This feature allows you to get device key log. This shows you how the keys were pressed on your device.
  • Clipboard: You can also view clipboard details, the information stored on it.
  • Browser logs: Displays web pages that have been visited from the device.


With this free online laptop recovery service, you can even send a device notice, warning notice, loss notice, or whatever you want. You can restart the device from there; if not, you can tell the device to report now. Lockittight.com is a cool service and one should have it installed on laptop to give extra protection to your laptop. It is free up to 5 devices.

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