While netflix is one of the most popular online streaming services, it is not flawless. Users keep reporting issues and errors, one of which is Netflix Error M7034. If you encounter this error while streaming shows on Netflix, check out this guide for resolution.

Fix Netflix Error M7034

The causes of Netflix error M7034 include Netflix policy issues, browser issues, IP inconsistency, corrupted cache data, etc. The options you have are:

  1. Disable and VPN or system proxies
  2. Restart the modem, router and computer
  3. Check the strength of your Wi-Fi signal
  4. Connect your computer directly to the modem

In case you come across Netflix Error M7034troubleshoot in the following order:

1]Disable and VPN or system proxies

Disable manual proxy

A well-known cause behind most Netflix errors is that users try to access location-restricted content using VPNs and proxies. This is against Netflix policies and the website will limit your access to its content. Thus, it is advised to disable any VPN service on your system while streaming Netflix. Other than that, you will need to disable proxies on your system as follows:

Click Start and navigate to Settings>>Network and Internet>>Proxy.

Under Manual proxy settingsturn the switch OFF to Use a proxy server.

2]Restart the modem, router and computer

Whether Netflix Error M7034 is caused by an IP/TCP inconsistency, you may consider restarting the modem, router and computer. The procedure for doing this is as follows:

Turn off all three devices, the modem, the router and the computer.

Turn on the modem only and wait for all modem lights to be steady.

Now turn on the router and wait for all the lights on the router to be steady.

Finally, turn on the computer.

This should help choose the correct IP address. If that doesn’t solve your problem, move on to other solutions.

3]Check your Wi-Fi signal strength

Although you are using a high-speed internet connection, it is not necessary for you to get the correct speed over a WiFi connection. In the case of Netflix, this becomes important since the service needs a speed of at least 3MBPS for normal streaming and at least 5MBPS for HD streaming. Many free internet speed test tools could be helpful for the same. Instead, the internet speed your system is running on should be a bit higher than these thresholds, as other system processes may also be using network resources.

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Network speed test app for Windows 10

You can solve this problem by moving the router closer to your system or by using a wired LAN to access the Internet.

4]Connect your computer directly to the modem

If your modem has an Ethernet port, you may consider bypassing your router and connecting your system directly to the cable modem. If that doesn’t work, unplug your modem for 30 seconds and plug it back in.

If connecting your system directly to the modem solves the problem, the problem is most likely with the router. Otherwise, the problem could come from the ISP.

Hope this helps!

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