2]Clear your browser cache files

Cache files are important for the system in the sense that they store information associated with offline web pages. Each time you open the pages again, the cache files help you load the web page faster.

However, if the cache files associated with the website, in this case with Netflix, are corrupted, you will encounter the error in the chat. So, to solve this case, you can delete the cache files associated with Netflix stored with your browser.

3]Restart the modem, router and computer

Powering up your modem, router, and computer will allow the router to reestablish the connection with the ISP. The procedure for the process is as follows:

Turn off all 3 devices – modem, router and computer.

Turn on the modem and wait for all lights to be steady on the modem.

Now turn on the router and wait for all the lights to be steady on the router.

Finally, turn on the computer and check if it solves your problem.

4]Remove VPN and proxies from the system

Remove proxy settings from your system

Netflix has location specific content and users are trying to circumvent the restriction by using VPNs and proxies. In such cases Netflix drops the connection thus causing errors like UI3010 and UI3012.

Thus, you should disable all VPN services and system proxies while using Netflix. The procedure for disabling system proxies is as follows:

Click on To start up and go to Settings >> Network and Internet >> Proxy.

Under Manual proxy configurationturn off the switch to Use a proxy server.

Apart from the solutions mentioned above, you can always check the internet speed because Netflix needs a fairly stable and fast connection.

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