Windows 11 and Windows 10 are the most enjoyable versions of Microsoft Windows and have quickly become the choice of Windows users around the world. Credit goes to the assortment of advanced features that only enhance the experience of using the Windows operating system. And here, Windows Update plays an increasingly crucial role as it ensures the continuous health and upgrade of a user’s system.

Therefore, most Windows users make sure to upgrade their computers regularly. Anyone who regularly updates their Windows 10 system with all the latest updates will tell you, this process is not a seamless experience. Sometimes when using Windows Upgrade Assistantyou can see Error 0xC1900200.

When does error 0xC1900200 occur in Windows 11/10

0xC1900200 – 0x20008, this may mean that your PC does not meet the minimum system requirements to download or install the upgrade to Windows 11/10

Usually, error 0xc1900200 is displayed when the user tries to upgrade to Windows 11/10 from an older Windows version using Windows Upgrade Assistant.

In most scenarios, the error indicates that the user’s minimum system requirements were not met, hence the upgrade process fails with error 0xC1900200. It is important to understand that Windows 11/10 operating system cannot be installed on all system configurations. If the user system contains low specifications which are not supported by Windows v, the installation will certainly fail.

What causes error 0xC1900200?

In addition to the lack of minimum system requirements, there are also a few other reasons that can lead to error code 0xC1900200. These can be the following:

  1. The system does not meet the minimum system requirements to install the update.
  2. Incorrect version of Microsoft Windows used to upgrade to Windows 10 operating system.
  3. An outdated version of Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.
  4. Insufficient reserved partition space.
  5. External driver interference
  6. Corrupt data critical to the operating system
  7. Outdated BIOS version
  8. Old computer.

All in all, if you are facing the error code 0xC1900200 problem on your system then you will need to fix it as it will not allow you to complete the upgrade process.

Windows Upgrade Assistant Error 0xC1900200

There are many fixes that can be applied by home users, these fix the problem in most cases. Below are different solutions you can try:

  1. Check your system specifications
  2. Check Windows Version
  3. Clean hard drive and free up space
  4. Expand the system reserved partition
  5. Disconnect all USB devices
  6. Other reasons

Let’s look at these solutions in more detail.

1]Check your system specs

Before we discuss checking your system specs, let’s understand what the minimum system requirements are to install Windows 10:

  • Processor – 1 GHz or higher or system on chip (SoC)
  • RAM – 1 GB for 32 bit and 2 GB for 64 bit
  • Hard disk space – DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver
  • Pin up – 800×800

Now you need to check if your computer’s system CPU, RAM and disk space meet the above requirements. You can manually check the system requirements from the ‘Control Panel‘ on your system. To check your system specifications, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the ‘Start button‘ locate the ‘Control Panel‘ and click on it to open it.
  2. In the ‘Control Panel‘ windows, click ‘system and security‘ to display all the basic information about your computer.
  3. Now click ‘System‘ to check the amount of ‘RAM‘ and ‘Processor‘ details.
  4. On the same page in the left panel, click ‘Device Manager‘ and select ‘screen adapter‘ to display your current graphics/video card.
  5. To check hard drive size and space, click the Windows Start button and navigate to ‘Computer‘.

If your computer does not meet the minimum system requirements, upgrading is the only option.

2]Check Windows Version

Old, outdated, or Windows versions that are no longer supported by Microsoft Windows cannot be upgraded to the latest Windows 10 operating system. Therefore, ensure that you are using the correct and updated version. Windows Update, which includes the following items:

  • The latest version of Microsoft Windows 7 SP1
  • The most recent version of Microsoft Windows 8.1

You will probably get upgrade error 0xC1900200 if you don’t check the version of Microsoft Windows you are currently using.

3]Clean hard drive and free up space

If your computer does not meet the above-mentioned system specifications, mainly due to low hard disk space, it may cause the upgrade error 0xC1900200. You can clean up your hard disk using the built-in tool of Windows, i.e. Disk Cleanup Tool.

4]Expand the system reserved partition

Sometimes users cannot upgrade to Windows 10 operating system due to insufficient capacity of System Reserved Partition. The easiest way to solve this problem is to increase its size. For partition management tasks, many free third-party tools can help you, such as MiniTool Partition Wizard; but the Windows built-in disk management tool proves sufficient for most partition management jobs.

Create new partition, resize, extend using Disk Management tool, but before you start, we recommend that you back up your data in a safe place as this procedure can be potentially dangerous and may lead to data loss. valuable system data.

5]Disconnect all USB devices

Several users reported encountering error 0xC1900200 with USB Bluetooth devices (like mouse or wireless receivers). If an external hard drive or any other USB device is connected to your system while updating Windows, you may encounter this error. In such a scenario, disconnect all unnecessary external USB devices including printer, wireless mouse, headphones during the update process.

Once removed, check if the error is resolved.

6]Other reasons

Other reasons that can be attributed to error 0xc1900200 are:

  • Outdated BIOS version
  • old computer equipment

Error 0xc1900200 can prevent you from upgrading to Windows 10, if you are struggling to fix this error, be sure to try some of our aforementioned solutions.

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