Any error beginning with the message 87DDXXXX in Xbox is typical of a network error. Your game session may experience problems or be interrupted by unknown error codes, preventing you from continuing your game. For example, when attempting to sign in, an Xbox user may receive the error 0x87dd0005 or 0x87DD0006 with the following message:

There was a problem. We were unable to connect you. Try again in a few minutes or verify your account by logging into Connection: 0x87dd0005 or 0x87DD0006.

Whenever you encounter such an instance, try these troubleshooting steps!

Xbox connection error 0x87dd0005 or 0x87DD0006

The message with error code 0x87DD0006 or 0x87DD0005 represents a typical network error that appears randomly. At other times, the user can sign in to Xbox and continue as normal. Here is what you should do-

  1. Check Xbox Live service status
  2. Disconnect and reconnect Xbox
  3. Restart your console or PC
  4. Update your console
  5. Delete and download your profile

Let us walk you through the above steps in detail.

1]Check Xbox Live service status

To check Xbox Live status, just go to Xbox Live Services Status Page – The page will show the status of your account, Xbox video, apps, etc.

You can check if Xbox Live servers are working properly when you see a green checkmark next to them.

If the page displays a red exclamation point, details related to the error will be displayed. If you see any alerts, wait for the service to be up and then try again.

Check the Xbox Live status page again to see if the issue has been resolved

2]Disconnect and reconnect the Xbox

Turn off the Xbox console.

Unplug the device and wait 15 seconds.

Now change’At‘ on the Xbox console and sign back into your Xbox Live account.

3]Restart your console or PC

On your Xbox One console, press and hold the Xbox button in the center of your Xbox One controller.

This will open the ‘power center‘.

Xbox Sign in error 0x87dd0005 or 0x87DD0006

Here select ‘Restart console’.

Picking out ‘Restart‘.

On your PC

Press the Windows button.

Then click Windows key, choose ‘Power‘ > ‘Restart‘ option.

4]Update your console

Many times we get an error because we keep running an outdated firmware version. So be sure to update your console regularly to install the latest system improvements. For that,

Open ‘Guide‘ and go to ‘Settings’.

Then navigate to ‘All settings‘ and select ‘System‘.

Then choose ‘Updates‘ > ‘Update Console‘ and see if there is a notification about an update, ready to download.

5]Delete and download your profile

Sometimes your profile gets corrupted and so this can be the cause of error 0x87dd0006. The correct approach during such an event is to delete your profile and re-upload it. Do the following,

Go to the home screen and open ‘Guide‘.

To select ‘Settings‘ > ‘All settings‘.

Now navigate to ‘Account‘ and select ‘Delete accounts‘.

Choose the account you want to delete and once you are done select the ‘To close‘ option.

Now add your account again by following these steps:

Open ‘Guide‘ Choose ‘Profile and system‘ > ‘Add or change‘ > ‘Add new‘.

Enter the email address of the Microsoft account you want to add, then select Enter.

Thereafter, follow the on-screen instructions to configure ‘Connection and security’ preferences and add your Microsoft account to your Xbox One console.

That’s all!

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