With so many options available in the market these days, the crucial choice is which UPS battery to choose. On some days when we need it most, the inverter will be efficient enough to restore power and provide it to us when grid power is not available. Everyone needs an extremely powerful, high-tech UPS capable of storing electricity for use when actual power is not available.

A good quality inverter battery performs like the knight in shining armor for long periods of uninterrupted power. Many companies manufacture high-quality batteries that are the right size and capacity for their customers. Therefore, depending on the features included, the inverter battery price will vary. One can make a choice based on the utilities and appliances they need to operate in the absence of main power. But even before making a choice, you have to understand what an inverter battery is and its strength.

UPS Battery Definition

An inverter battery can keep a small amount of electricity flowing longer. As all of our electrical equipment runs on AC power, all backup power solutions, including UPSs, work by converting DC to AC. Their main job is to store electricity for times when the main power supply is not present. In addition, they control the flow of electricity in the house.

There are different types of UPS batteries available. Depending on your needs, you can choose from the following options:

Inverter GEL batteries: They look like ordinary lead-acid UPS batteries and contain silica. Deep cycle lead acid GEL inverter batteries are a good choice because they are built to last and don’t require much maintenance. The attractive point here is that the price of the GEL inverter battery is economical, and they are completely safe and environmentally friendly.

Flat Plate UPS Batteries: They have positive and negative plates, like any other lead acid battery. The geometric shape of the UPS battery has earned it the name “flat plate”. These inverter batteries have two clearly distinct parts which are:

  • Structure – One plate sends the signal to the other plate, this is how it works.
  • Reactive chemicals – These help generate electricity inside the battery very quickly.

Due to the higher plate area, this inverter battery is a suitable choice for high current instantaneous applications. Keeping facilities and technology in mind, the UPS battery price is rational.

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Tubular Plate Inverter Batteries: The positive and negative plates are interconnected. The positive plate structure, in this case, is tubular, while the negative plate structure is flat. The reactive chemicals in these inverters the batteries are held in place by a tubular support system. This keeps the reactive part of the battery in place for as long as the battery lasts. Also, if purchased from a quality brand, the price of tube plate inverter battery is within the affordable range.

Why buy either of these UPS batteries?

Since the power supply is not constant, but it is, one of the aforementioned UPS batteries must be installed. All AC and DC powered devices can then be operated when the main power is off. In this post-pandemic period, many people are working from home. In this case, a house without electricity for even a minute can be stressful. Installing a UPS battery is the need of the hour. Clearly, DC-operated is an investment in smooth living. After the UPS battery is installed, it also needs to be taken care of.


There is no doubt to be given why one should pay the price for the inverter battery and buy it. Everyone – people working from home or living in a house need a constant power supply. From basic kitchen needs to household chores, everything is done using types of equipment that are either charged and used or plugged into an outlet and used.

Given this heavy reliance, one should do good research and never let the price of the UPS battery keep them from buying quality products. Research the best UPS battery manufacturers. Luminous is one of those renowned manufacturers and suppliers that can be trusted. Their UPS battery prices are affordable and the services are excellent.


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