Cleaning the keyboard is incredibly important, and sadly, many of us don’t do it regularly, if at all. Because our hands come into contact with so many things, it’s safe to say that we transfer bacteria and viruses to our keyboard when it’s used.

In other cases, we can also collect bacteria and viruses from a keyboard, especially ones that haven’t been cleaned for ages. You see, while many people are cleaning multiple devices in their office, the keyboard is usually scrutinized and as such germs are breeding.

The question then is what is the best possible solution for cleaning a keyboard? We certainly can’t douse it with water and bleach, so there must be a better way to not damage the device.

Now, before we go any further, we have to point out that 27% of desktop keyboards have high levels of contamination, according to Time’s Healthland section.

Precautions to take before cleaning your keyboard

Turn off keyboard power

OK, so the first thing to do here is to unplug the keyboard from the computer to make sure that power isn’t being supplied. Now, for those using a laptop, this task is more difficult, and as such, only advanced users should attempt to remove the keyboard.

For ordinary people, just turn off the laptop and remove the battery if possible. Failure to do so could damage the entire system, and we don’t want that at all.

Flip the keyboard

Now is the time to dust your keyboard, so get a small paper bag or trash can and gently shake the keyboard upside down to remove all that dust, debris, and food particles.

Remove keys

Depending on the keyboard design, it may be possible for the user to easily remove individual keys to clean the board. In many cases it is difficult to remove the keys, and since we don’t want you to break anything, we recommend the following tool:

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That’s pretty good, and in our experience it should be a lot easier when it comes to cleaning your keyboard.

Keep the keyboard free from bacteria and viruses

We will now discuss the tools you should use to clean your computer keyboard without causing any unforeseen damage.

Use slime

Placing slime on your keyboard doesn’t sound like a good idea, but this is no ordinary slime. We are actually talking about cleaning mud. You see, cleaning sludge is sticky, gummy stuff that sticks to your device. Once removed, the mud carries with it much of the dust, grime and anything that lives on the surface.

Now, from what we’ve experienced, the cleaning slime works best on mechanical keyboards or any type with enough space between the keys.

Compressed air is great

If you have a deep hatred for dust on your devices, including your keyboard, then how about getting yourself a can of compressed air? When you press the button, blow air straight out of the box and into your keyboard, which in turn blows away any amount of dust and fine layers of grime.

Compressed air is also great for cleaning the inside of desktop computers, so keep that in mind for the future.

A little rubbing alcohol never hurts

Before you go out and get yourself a bottle of rubbing alcohol, remember that you will need the one containing 70% alcohol. Less and it won’t have enough potency to kill germs and bacteria, so read the description or ask the store clerk.

When it’s time to clean up, take a small cloth and dampen it with rubbing alcohol, and from there, wipe down the surface of your keyboard. To get between and under the keys, get a cotton swab and dip it in alcohol.

Obviously, this method is not easy to use compared to compressed air and mud, but it is the best way to eliminate bacteria.

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