Twitterr is finally cracking down hard on abusive trolls to stop them engaging with your tweets, thanks to a new conversation restriction function. Twitter finally lets users choose who can reply to their tweets. These restrictions are now available on Twitter for web (desktop) and mobile applications such as Android and iOS. In this article, we will show you how to effectively control your conversation by limit who can reply to your tweets.

Limiting replies to your tweets involves a 2-step approach, as follows:

  1. Start a new Tweet
  2. Choose who can answer

When composing new tweets, Twitter will simply apply a default setting that allows anyone to reply to your public tweets. This setting is indicated with a globe icon in the Tweet’s compose box. Clicking this icon before posting your Tweet takes users to a new menu. This menu allows users to control who can reply to their tweets.

How to limit replies to your tweets

  • Click on the Compose a Tweet Twitter button for web or Twitter for Android and iOS apps.
  • Click on the option Anyone can answer next to the globe icon.
  • Choose who can reply to your Tweet from these options:
    • Everyone,
    • The people you follow, and
    • Only the people you quote.
  • Click on the option Tweeter to post what you have to say.

Everyone is the current default option when composing a new Tweet. If your Twitter account is public, by default anyone can reply to your Tweet. If your Tweets are protected, only people who follow you can reply to your Tweet.

If you specifically choose the option People you follow, only people you follow can reply to your Tweet. This option also includes people you mention in your Tweet.

Choose option Only people you mention means one thing: only people you mention in the Tweet can reply to your Tweet.

Twitter’s New Chat Restrictions FAQ

We also answer some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) you may have regarding Twitter’s new Chat Restriction feature.

Can people see that I have a limited number of people who can reply to my Tweets?

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Yes. Once you post your tweet, people will be able to see that you have a limited number of people who can reply to your tweet.

Can people like or retweet my restricted tweet?

Restrictions apply only to other people’s ability to reply to your tweet. They can still interact with your Tweet by liking or retweeting it.

Can I change reply restrictions after posting a tweet?

You can only choose who can reply to your Tweet before posting it. Once your tweet is live, you can’t change who can reply to your tweets.

Do you know? You can also share someone’s Twitter video without retweeting it.

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