We now know how easy it is to convert currencies in Microsoft Excel, but what about Google Sheets? The tool might not be as feature-rich as Excel, but it is capable of quite a few things, and that includes currency conversion, no less.

Convert currencies and get stock data in Google Sheets

To do this on Google Sheets, we will use the GOOGLEFINANCE a function. It will take advantage of accurate financial data coming directly from Google itself.

We like the GOOGLEFINANCE feature because it can provide real-time, up-to-date financial data on markets around the world. If you want to know the latest exchange rate, using Google Sheets shouldn’t be a problem.

Before moving forward, we should point out that the function will update the sheet at an interval of every 20 minutes.

1]The formula to find the current exchange rate

OK, so when it comes to knowing the current exchange rate, you first need to figure out which currency pairs will be used. We were going to focus on the US and Jamaican dollars as the main pair.

To do this, please type the following in the functions section and then press the Enter key:


Depending on your needs, you can replace either currency pair with another. Now the example above shows the current rate of USD to JMD.

2]Get historical exchange rate data

Yes, it is possible to use Google Sheets to access information on past exchange rates. We didn’t know how far we could go back and we weren’t about to find out.

The function in question for accessing historical exchange rate data is as follows:


Make changes to the feature to suit your needs whenever possible.

3]Get live stock quotes

convert Currency and get Stock Data in Google Sheets

If you ever need to access live stock quotes, it can be done easily from Google Sheets.

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In order to present live stock data, use the following function:


As you can see, NSE is used as the stock market of choice, and that stands for National Stock Exchange of India Ltd, and the ticker is RELIANCE. And as you can see, the attribute is limited to only price.

4]Get historical stock price data

Now, just knowing the price of the day might not be enough, so how about knowing the historical data relating to the ticker?

Do it all by running the following command. Be sure to modify as you wish:

=GOOGLEFINANCE("NSE:RELIANCE", "open", DATE(2018,3,10), DATE(2018,10,3), "DAILY")

The above function will display the data for the period from 2018/3/10 to 2018/10/3 on a daily basis. If desired, DAILY can be changed to WEEKLY or even MONTHLY. Just work with what works for you.

What we have presented here are just the basics. Maybe in the future we’ll go a little deeper so you understand.

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