This guide will help you create a thread on Twitter to be able to tweet more than 280 characters or a series of tweets at a time. If you tweet various news updates, it’s best to create a thread so your followers can see all the tweets from one place. The best thing is that you can create a poll, add images and do more in the feed.

Previously, 140 was the character limit, which was increased to 280 characters a few years ago. Whether you use the official Twitter app or a third-party Twitter client, sometimes even the 280 character limit seems tiny when users need to post large text. To address character limit issues, Twitter has included a “thread” that helps users post a series of tweets at a time.

How to create a thread on Twitter

To create a thread on Twitter, follow these steps-

  1. Open the official Twitter site.
  2. Sign into your account.
  3. Start writing the tweet you want to post.
  4. Click it plus (+) icon visible before Tweeter button.
  5. Start writing the second tweet.
  6. Click it Tweet everything button to publish.

To learn more about these steps, read on.

At first, you need to open the official website of Twitter ( and log in your account with valid credentials. After that, you need to start typing the words you want to post. You should start writing when you post a regular tweet. You may see a more (+) icon visible before Tweeter button.

Click it to add a second tweet or create a thread. After that you can see a panel like this-

Here you can type your tweet series. If you want to add another tweet, you can click the plus sign (+) again. As mentioned earlier, it is possible to add an image, GIF, poll, smiley, etc. The only problem with the Twitter feed is that you can’t schedule it like you can with a regular tweet. Finally, click on the Tweet everything button to post the thread.

After posting a thread, if you want to add another tweet, you must first open the existing thread. After that, you can click the Add another tweet and start writing the texts you want to include.

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That’s all!

Hope this simple tutorial will help you a lot.

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