Are you tired of Facebook sending you live video notifications on the app or via email and even SMS? Then this guide will help you reduce or completely disable the feature. It gets even more annoying when you follow a lot of pages and the number of videos is too high to handle.

Why does Facebook send you live video notifications?

Facebook has a pretty good feature for users. It notifies users whenever a video on a popular “Like” page is uploaded. For example, if we (TheClubWindows) broadcast a video on Facebook, all people who have liked our page on Facebook will receive the notification that we are ‘Live’ at the moment.

Facebook has included this feature so users can be part of live videos and interact with the host one-on-one. This feature seems very useful for those who often want to connect with other people. However, if you don’t like Facebook’s Live Videos feature, it may be a distraction for you.

Suppose you have liked about thirty pages of news channels, which often broadcast live videos on Facebook. It would be quite time consuming to check all notifications related to live video notifications one by one. To get rid of this problem, you have two solutions.

First, you can turn off notifications for a particular page, but you might miss important or exciting news because it won’t notify you of anything. Second, you can turn off facebook live video notifications. If you want to opt for the second solution, follow the following steps.

Disable Facebook Live Video Notifications

You don’t need to download any third party app, extension or add-on for your information. Facebook itself offers this option. Therefore, this setting will impact all devices using your Facebook account. Before using this solution, you should also know that it will completely disable Facebook Live Video notifications, and that is do not one per page basis.

  • Log in to your Facebook account and click the down arrow in the top right. Then click on Settings and privacy > Settings.
  • On the left side, locate and click on the Opinion link.Manage Facebook video notifications
  • Click on it to open the corresponding settings. On the next page, you should get an option called Video.
  • Disable option Allow notification on Facebook. Once you have done this, no notifications from the people or pages you follow will be sent to you via app, email or SMS.

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Are my followers notified when I’m live on Facebook?

If they follow the page and the notification is not disabled, then yes, they will be notified as soon as you create a live video. Usually the notification is sent immediately, but there may be a delay for larger pages.

Can someone see you watching their Facebook live if you don’t click on it?

Unless you click on the video, usually not, if there is a live video when scrolling through the Facebook feed, it is not known to the page. Views are always counted.

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