If you want enable extensions in InPrivate mode in Edge, this tutorial will have you doing it in a matter of moments. You can allow a specific extension or multiple extensions to be used in InPrivate browsing mode.

As you can install Google Chrome extensions on Microsoft Edge, you may need to use some of them while using private browsing mode. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox already allow users to use any installed extension in incognito mode. It doesn’t matter whether you use Edge as your default browser or not, you can also enable any installed extension in InPrivate browsing mode.

How to enable extensions in Edge’s InPrivate mode

To enable or disable extensions in InPrivate browsing mode of Microsoft Edge browser, follow these steps-

  1. Open the Microsoft Edge browser.
  2. Click it Settings and more button.
  3. Select the Extensions list option.
  4. Choose an extension you want to activate in InPrivate mode.
  5. Click it Details under the name of the extension.
  6. Check it Allow in InPrivate check box.
  7. Use the extension in InPrivate mode.

Let’s detail the steps.

At first, you need to open the Microsoft Edge browser on your computer and make sure that the desired extension is already installed.

If so, you can click the Settings and more button that looks like a three-dot icon and is visible in the upper right corner of the browser window. Alternatively, you can press Alt+F button too. Now you need to click on the Extensions option on the list.

If you don’t want to go through these two steps, you can type edge://extensions/ in the address bar, and press the To enter button.

After opening the Extensions page, you can see all installed extensions enabled and disabled on your screen. Yes

You must choose an extension that you want to authorize in InPrivate mode. Then click on the corresponding Details button.

How to enable extensions in Edge's InPrivate mode

It should open the Details page of this extension that you selected earlier. Here you can find an option called Allow in InPrivate.

How to Enable or Disable Extensions in InPrivate Mode in Edge

It would help if you put a checkmark in the Allow in InPrivate check box.

After that, the selected extension would be visible in InPrivate browsing mode. Also, make sure the extension is enabled for use in your browser.

Trust that it works for you.

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