Advanced users tend to have too many tabs open in Google Chrome, and it can become a cluttered mess at any time. The big question then is what are the options to keep things clean and easy to navigate? Right now Chrome doesn’t have a ton of options to play with, but it does have one hidden in the Experiences section.

Enable Tab Groups in Chrome Browser

This function is called Tab groups, and from our extensive use of it, we can say with certainty that it works like a charm. Now, we have to point out that using the experimental flag shouldn’t be a concern since Google has officially enabled the feature since May 19 for some. So if you haven’t gotten it yet, going the experimental route is your best bet right now.

Using the new Tab Groups feature in Chrome is very easy, but if you’re having trouble learning how to use it, keep reading to improve your knowledge.

Let’s see this in more detail.

Right click on tabs

To find out if you already have the functionality, officially, then right click on one of your tabs. If you see the words ” Add to a new group“, then there it is. If not, well, we need to take a few steps to make it work for you.


OK, so to do it via the experimental route, please type chrome://flags/ in the URL bar and press the Enter key on your keyboard. Now from the box that says Search Flagsplease enter Tab groupsand automatically it should deliver the results with those words in the name, all highlighted in yellow.

We should now see two options. Tab groupsand Collapse tab groups. Each is currently set to Faultso go ahead and change the setting to To permit. You don’t have to enable tab group collapse, but it’s a nice feature that complements regular tab groups quite well.

After finishing everything, please click on the blue button below with the words Relaunch to restart the Google Chrome web browser.

How to Use Tab Groups in Chrome

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Once the reboot is complete, things won’t be any different, but that doesn’t mean nothing has changed. First, you’ll want to open your favorite websites, then right-click on any of the tabs. From there you need to select Add to a new group to create a tab group.

Right away, a colored circle will appear next to the tab. If you want, the option is there to change the color of this circle. To do this, right-click on the colored circle, then select one of the eight colors available to you.

From here, users also have the option to name the tab, ungroup, close the group, move the group to a new window, and more.

Enable Tab Groups in Chrome Browser

To add another tab to the group, right-click on the tab of your choice, then select Add to existing group.

Keep in mind that users can create multiple groups and use colors to differentiate them from each other.

Also, the ability to merge groups into a single entity is not available as a choice, but hopefully this will change in future updates.

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