The ‘Dark Mode’ trend has caught a lot of attention and it looks like this feature is here to stay. Today, more and more companies are introducing dark color schemes for their apps, and the Slack app is no exception. Earlier dark mode to Soft was only available for Android, iPhone, and iPad apps, but now Slack has brought dark mode to its desktop and web apps on Windows as well.

Although Windows comes with its own dark mode, which will apply to all apps running on it, if those apps are designed to support it. Similarly, the Slack app for Windows 11/10 can automatically switch to dark mode when the user changes the system color mode. But, sometimes user may want to manually enable dark mode on Slack. If you prefer to enable dark mode on Slack, this blog will guide you.

How to enable dark mode on Slack

Enabling dark mode on Slack, one of the most popular and free collaboration tools, is extremely simple; follow the steps below:

  • Open Slack and sign in
  • Click on the name of your workspaces
  • Select Preferences > Themes
  • Clear the Sync with OS setting option
  • Select the ‘Dark’.

Let’s see the procedure with the help of screenshots.

1]Enabling dark mode on Slack brings less jarring dark background to your chats, which is easy on your eyes. To get started, open the Slack desktop app or visit your workspace on the web.

2]If you are not logged in, click ‘Log in’ and log in to your workspace by typing the ‘Slack URL’.

Dark mode on Slack

3]Now press ‘Continue’

4]Next, click on the name of your workspace which is located at the top of the left sidebar.

5]Click ‘Preferences’

How to enable dark mode on Slack

5]In the ‘Preferences’ window, click ‘Themes’

Dark mode on Slack

6]Delete the ‘Synchronization with operating system settings‘ option.

7]Select the ‘Dark’ option to enable dark color scheme.

Dark mode on Slack

Does! Once you follow the steps above, Slack will switch to the dark color scheme option.

Slack’s dark mode is device-specific, meaning if this color scheme is enabled on your desktop app, it won’t automatically enable on your smartphone or tablet, or vice versa.

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Dark Mode may seem simple, but the number of benefits associated with enabling it is often unknown. Did you know? Dark mode options help save your laptops’ battery and disturb others less if you’re working in an area with dim lights (like a conference room). And most importantly, dark color schemes are easier on the eyes compared to lighter white backgrounds.

With so many dark mode benefits, trying it out on Slack is well worth it. Give it a try and share with us your experience with dark mode on Slack!

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