Signing up for a new service or app is a quick and easy task. It only takes a few minutes to prepare your new account these days. While surfing the internet, most of us sign up for many apps and services using our email ids or phone numbers. However, it can be alarming to know that your personal details such as email id and phone numbers can be misused online by cyber attackers and malicious perpetrators. Here are some tips for finding accounts linked to email address and phone number and shutting them down if any of them are malicious.

How do we end up linking our personal information to various apps and websites

We sign up for several services, sign up for free offers, and complete surveys using our email addresses and phone numbers. The websites and links may not look malicious and with all the security measures we follow these days, we may think our information is safe. However, in times of cyberattacks and fraud, companies and hackers can gain access to your sensitive information.

Let’s look at some of the easy ways to find accounts linked to your email address.

First, check your inbox and go through the messages for account verification requests. Every time we sign up for any service or app, we get an email asking for account verification. Usually an email with a link to confirm the email address lands in our inbox. Checking our inboxes for such messages is a smart way to gauge what all services, websites, and apps may have insight into our email accounts. Doing a thorough check can save lives as you can directly unsubscribe using the link provided in these emails. You can use search keywords such as;

  • Check your account information.
  • Confirm your email address.
  • Complete your registration.

You should be able to find these emails and provide an update. Some third-party apps and services are also available to sort and derive emails sent from various websites, apps, and a survey sent to you for registration.

The next thing you can do is find accounts linked to your email address via Account settings. You can quickly verify the accounts and profiles you generated online using your email address by simply checking in your email program. Most email platforms such as Yahoo, Gmail and Outlook provide the option to verify the profiles created with the email account.


To find accounts linked to Outlook or Hotmail, you will need to find the different profiles and accounts that you have created with Hotmail or Outlook messaging ON your Outlook account. You must manage multiple third-party records and access from your Microsoft account.

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Log in to your Outlook email Visit your account page Select the Privacy tab Scroll down to Other privacy settings Find the Apps and services section and click on the list of apps and services that may have permission to access your data Browse the list of websites and revoke access to apps and accounts you no longer use.

To revoke access, select Edit for the app name and select “Remove these permissions”.

This way, you will be able to quickly identify which apps and websites can access your Outlook email and related data. Visit and Microsoft check your settings.


If you usually use a Gmail ID for subscriptions and registrations, you can quickly check the profiles attached to your Gmail account. In Google account settings, you can view the list of all allowed websites. To do this, follow the next steps.

  1. Go to Google account settings.
  2. Select the security menu
  3. Access connected apps and sites
  4. Select Manage Access
  5. From here you can see all the websites that you have registered with the Gmail account. You can easily revoke access to unwanted accounts.

Visit your account security page and open third-party apps with account access. In this section, you can get the list of all external apps, which can read your account information, take a moment to carefully analyze all apps and websites listed there, and revoke permissions for sites that seem risky or you’re no longer using it.


If you are using a Yahoo email ID, here are the steps for you. You can easily check the accounts linked to your email address from the Yahoo mail interface and choose which apps you want to grant or revoke access to.

Click the profile icon in account information.

Select Manage app and website connection – It lists all app activity performed recently. You can easily remove access to apps or websites you no longer use.

Find the accounts linked to your phone number

Many websites use phone numbers to verify user identity. It is a reliable way to determine the authenticity of users and to ensure that bots and fake accounts are not created using fake emails. Websites and services such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter often require phone number verification to enable account creation and recovery in the event of a password recovery.

Unfortunately, finding accounts linked to the phone number is not simple and easy.

Probably the only way to find out which apps are using your phone number unless an account recovery request is sent to the phone number. You should always pay attention to messages received for confirmation of any service request or OTP received. If you believe you have received an unintended or unknown request, review and revoke the services.

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You can also use some third-party apps to find out which accounts your phone number is used on.

How to Check Browser Saved Accounts

Most often, we open websites and apps in a browser installed on your phone or laptop. The browser cache saves the data entered in the various forms and fields. Many websites use browser cookies to store the information you enter for faster rendering and later time saving. Check your browser’s account settings for a quick look at protected accounts and information. You can also get a list of all the funds you have created.

Many apps and websites these days allow you to sign up and register with your social media profiles for quick and easy access. Although it seems effortless, most of us don’t realize that apps have access to all our information and activities with a single click.

Many gaming and social media apps allow us to log in with a Facebook account, and most job portals now integrate a LinkedIn account to quickly access our professional and academic information to create profiles in an instant. Often we don’t keep track of all those apps and services we sign up for. Hackers can misuse our data and sensitive data, and we can be victims of cyberbullying, phishing attacks, etc. Fortunately, it’s easy to find out which accounts have access to our social media profiles.

You can quickly check the accounts linked to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram by visiting the settings. It is prudent to carefully consider which accounts have permission to sneak into your social media profiles and use your information.

We have to be careful and revoke permissions from all websites and apps that we no longer use.

Also, it is advised to log into various game and quiz apps with a separate email id or log in as a guest.

Check your account activity

This may seem like a bit of a heavy task. One of the best ways to find out which apps and sites you may have access to your email is to check your past activity across different platforms.

If you have a Microsoft account, you can visit the Microsoft Activity Dashboard.

If you have a Google account, you can check your activity by visiting and discover the different sites visited, the videos viewed.

Similarly, you can also check your past activity on Facebook and have a detailed view of your various actions to check if you might have signed up with your account on third-party apps.


Internet is an incredibly risky space where lots of malware and hackers can intrude into your vital information. By using only one email address and one phone number, these hackers can easily steal your identity and harm you in many ways. The best way is to find accounts linked to your email address and keep track of them.

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