From a massive media library to buffer-free streaming at budget prices – netflix has all the perfect ingredients to keep thousands of Internet users connected to its application. But the streaming service giant is no stranger to bugs or errors that often clog the user’s streaming experience. Netflix errors are quite common, if you see the error code F7111-5059 on your Windows 10 computer, this blog might help you solve it.

Netflix error code F7111-5059 causes

This error occurs when the user tries to access Netflix from a browser and tries to connect using a VPN, proxy, or “unblock” service. Content offered by Netflix varies by region; it has the right to display certain content in specific regions, which prevents users from accessing that content from outside their home country where restrictions apply. Additionally, over the past few years, Netflix has launched a crackdown on people using a VPN or proxy connection to access their servers.

What are the causes ?

  • vpn – If a user uses VPNs to manipulate their location.
  • Proxy – If a user uses a proxy connection to change their geographic location.
  • Tunnel Broker – If a user is using a Tunnel broker on their system.
  • IPv6 proxy tunnel – Netflix does not support proxy tunneling services of an IPv6 connection over an IPv4 network. If the user uses the same, the platform will reject it.

The possible causes of Netflix error code F7111-5059 are mentioned above. Looking at the causes, we can say that this is not exactly an error, but rather a restriction imposed by Netflix. Something that was done to prevent users from hiding their real IP address.

Possible fixes for Netflix error code F7111-5059

Error code F7111-5059 is annoying for users who only use VPN or proxy for security reasons. Fortunately, this can be easily fixed; but before moving on to the fixes, please ensure that you have an active internet connection and are logging into your system “as an administrator”. Try the following solutions to resolve this issue.

  1. Do not use VPN
  2. Do not use proxy connection
  3. Clear browsing data and cookies

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Let’s look at these solutions in more detail.

1]Don’t use a VPN

A VPN can prevent the user from streaming content that is not available worldwide due to copyright issues. Using VPN is against Netflix policy and it is important to disable it. There are some VPNs that have been totally blacklisted by Netflix, here is the list:

  • Unblock us
  • tunnelbear
  • Hotspot Shield
  • HideMyAss
  • Hola Unlocker
  • Unotelly
  • Private Internet Access
  • TorGuardComment
  • Without block
  • CyberGhost
  • Getflix
  • Overplay
  • IPVanish
  • relocator

The list is probably much more comprehensive than that. And if you are using one of the VPNs mentioned above, stop Netflix, disable the VPN on your device, and relaunch the app or website. If the error disappears then start streaming but if it is still there move on to the next solution.

1]Open Google Chrome.

2]In the address bar, copy the following code and press the Enter key.


5]Under the Privacy and Security section, click the Clear browsing data option.

Netflix error code F7111-5059

6]In the pop-up window, select all the options of the Advanced tongue.

7]Now click on the Erase data option.

Finally, restart the Chrome browser and reopen Netflix.

You can also visit and clear all Netflix cookies. Log in again with your credentials and verify

For those who are not using a VPN or proxy connection and those who have already tried the fixes above, it is advisable to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Netflix so they can diagnose the issue. Some ISPs use “DNS rerouting”, this can cause error code F7111-5059.

To contact Netflix help, you can access their official help portal. You can call them or chat live and explain your problem.

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