When it comes to messengers, WhatsApp is the most popular of the bunch, but with over 400 million users, Telegram is up there too. The tool is well known for focusing a lot on privacy, more so than WhatsApp, Signal or Facebook Messenger.

Telegram Messenger Privacy and Security Tips

While we can say for sure that Telegram is privacy-focused from the get-go, there are ways to improve that, and with this article, we’re going to teach you how to do just that.

Now, if at first you thought it wasn’t easy, then don’t worry because Telegram makes privacy-related changes a lot easier, and there’s no reason to restart the app to initiate the changes.

  1. Go to Privacy & Security
  2. Add local password
  3. Enable two-step verification
  4. Change what your contacts see
  5. Delete your Telegram account.

Let’s talk about it in more detail.

1]Go to Privacy and Security

OK, so the first thing you’ll want to do is open the Telegram app from your Windows 10 computer, then click the hamburger menuand from there, and click Settings. After that navigate to the section that reads, Privacy and Security.

By clicking on the Privacy and Security The option will highlight a section with several options to choose from designed to protect your privacy while using Telegram.

2]Add local password

Unlike the WhatsApp tool, users can add a password required to access Telegram each time the user opens it.

Under the section that says Local access code, please select the option to add a password. After that, the user can decide whether to disable it or not. Also, people can make the app to lock automatically after some time.

As it is, when this feature is enabled, the app will lock if not used between 1 minute and 5 hours.

3]Enable two-step verification

Two-step verification is very important, especially if you use Telegram regularly and on multiple devices.

In order to enable two-step verification, we suggest you go back to the Privacy and Security section through the Settings area as explained above, then scroll down until you come across two-step verification.

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Click on Enable two-step verification, and from there add a password and finish by hitting the save button and that’s it.

4]Change what your contacts see

OK, so if you don’t want your contacts to know everything you do on Telegram, changes can be made to the app to determine what is displayed.

To make the changes, once again go back to the Privacy & Security area, then navigate to Privacy, and below you should see a number of things you can change. For example, you can block users, decide who sees your phone number, your profile picture and the date of your last login.

You can also set who can make contact via forwarded calls and messages. Take your time and tweak these settings to your liking and you’ll be fine.

5]Delete your Telegram account

Now there is a cool feature in Telegram where users can have their account automatically deleted after being away from the program for some time. From what we can tell, the tool can delete itself after 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

Did we miss something?

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