Sometimes, Youtube will delete videos for various reasons, so if you’re browsing a playlist and realize that some videos have been deleted, don’t lose your mind because that’s normal. Now, some people may want to know which video was deleted, and that’s where we come in.

Discover Deleted YouTube Video Titles

You see, no information is left on YouTube for the user to determine which video was removed, even if the video is from your own playlist. Either you remember or you don’t, and we can’t agree with that at all.

In the future, we hope the folks at YouTube consider providing more deleted video data to help users know what was deleted and why if possible.

Why is YouTube deleting videos?

This question has no simple answer as there are several reasons why videos get deleted from the platform.

  • Claim for copyright infringement: If the uploaded video doesn’t belong to the person who uploaded it, the owner may be able to file a complaint and have the video removed. In some cases, a copyright claim is filed, but the owner allows the video to remain while collecting all ad revenue.
  • Inappropriate Content: Sometimes the videos on YouTube contain content deemed inappropriate or, even better, videos that violate the terms of service.
  • The owner deletes the video: You may find it strange, but every now and then channel owners will delete their own videos. The reasons for this action are vast. For example, maybe they want to reupload a better version, the video has angered their subscribers or the YouTube community, the channel no longer exists, and more.
  • Private video: For channel owners who prefer not to delete their videos from the platform, they can choose to make them private. This ensures that the video is no longer in the public eye but retained for future reference if needed.

1]Use the Google search tool

If you want to find the title of a deleted video, your best bet is to use Just copy the unique video id from the video URL, paste it into Google search and hit enter key. As long as the video itself has been made public, the Google search engine should have no problem collecting information about it.

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For those who have no idea what the unique identifier is, well, it’s all in the URL that comes after v=. Or to be more precise, everything between v= and &.


We like because it is a website designed to preserve content on the Internet. This is probably the best place to look for anything that was previously deleted. You see, the website takes multiple snapshots of websites, which gives the user an idea of ​​what that website looked like before.

Just visit the website, then enter the video URL and wait for the service to do its job. Now keep in mind that for the majority of videos on YouTube, won’t have the actual video saved, just a snapshot image on the page.

Also, if a video was quickly deleted after it went public, chances are it won’t show up on


Discover Deleted YouTube Video Titles

This one is rather interesting because of how it works compared to the others. You see, the tool requires the user to sign in through their Google account and from there take a snapshot of all the videos in their playlist.

If at any time a video is deleted and you can’t remember the title, go back to RecoverMy.Video, and then select Recover Now. After that, the service will list the names of all videos that have been deleted in quick succession. In fact, the list can be sent to your email address if needed.

We consider this option to be an amazing way to keep track of your videos, so go ahead and give it a try.

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