Have you ever faced a situation where you need to open multiple URLs in different tabs at once, using Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera or Chrome? What do you usually do in such a situation? Do you open them one by one or paste them into the new tabs? There is actually a better way out.

Open multiple URLs at once

There are many websites that can open multiple URLs simultaneously. Check out some of these websites and extensions that help you open multiple URLs at once with a single click. For these services to work properly, you may need to check your browser settings or extensions.


It is a safe and useful tool, which helps you to open multiple URLs simultaneously. Simply open the tool, paste the URLs and click “Submit Links”, then “Open Links”. The tool will then open the links in different tabs.


quick link

This web tool works similarly to RapidLinkr. Paste in all the URLs you want to open and click ‘Submit Links’ then ‘Open All’. The tool will open all URLs at once in different windows.


open multiple URLs

Again, all tools work the same way. This web tool will also help you open multiple links at once with a single click. Simply copy and paste the links into the box provided and click ‘GO’. The tool will open all your links at once. The only difference I noticed is that this tool accepts URLs in the format – www.thewindowsclub.com whereas the previous two tools accept the full URL – i.e. https://www.thewindowsclub.com.

Before you start using these web tools to open multiple links at once with a single click, we recommend that you make sure your browser settings allow pop-up windows.

Now let’s see some extensions that can help you do the same when using Firefox or Chrome browsers.

Multi-link add-on for Firefox

Multi-Links lets you open, copy, or bookmark multiple links at once in your Firefox browser instead of opening them all individually.

Simply right click on the link and hold to drag a frame around the links. When you release your right mouse click, all these links will open in new tabs. Links opened in new tabs are the add-on’s default action, but you can change them to open in new windows. If you want to cancel your selection, just press the Esc key on the keyboard or left click on your mouse or and your selection will be cancelled.

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This add-on is customizable and you can change the appearance of multiple links by changing colors, border styles, etc.

Linkclump Chrome Extension

Similar to the Firefox multi-link add-on, Linkclump allows you to drag a selection box around desired links with the click of a mouse. You can open links in new tabs, in a new window, save them as bookmarks, or copy them to your clipboard.

With LinkClump, you can set a delay between opening or closing each tab. This Chrome extension also has a Smart Select feature that tries to select only important links on the page. You can also include or exclude links containing certain words, using this chrome extension.

Share with us your favorite way to open multiple URLs or links at once with just one click.

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