If you are a regular user of facebook messenger, then it should be obvious that it comes with several great features. People have the ability to send money, images, GIFs, and files, but for a long time sending audio through Messenger was cumbersome.

To send audio, users had to record in a different app and then upload it through Facebook Messenger. However, it’s not the ideal way of doing things in the modern world, so we’re glad the developers finally decided to make some changes.

As it stands, it’s possible to record audio directly from the Messenger app and then send it to anyone. I had no idea how it took Facebook so long to implement this feature, but hey, it’s here now, so no more complaining.

Before moving forward, remember that we will be talking about the desktop version of Facebook Messenger which is in the web browser. We will discuss the app in the Microsoft Store.

  1. Record Audio in Web Browser via Facebook Messenger
  2. Send a pre-recorded message via Facebook Messenger
  3. Should you record audio with Facebook Messenger?

Let us discuss it in more detail for your understanding.

1]Record Audio in Web Browser via Facebook Messenger

The first thing users need to do is to open Facebook and then go to the Messenger section. From there, locate the other part, then click the blue plus icon at the bottom of the page. This should now reveal additional options.

From this section, the user will have the option to record and send audio, send images, GIFs, or launch a game.

Now you’ll want to select the microphone icon and then hit the red button that says Record when you’re ready to record a message.

When you want to cancel or finish recording your content, please click the same red button.

2]Send a pre-recorded message via Facebook Messenger

OK, as we saw above, we talked about how to record audio messages from Facebook Messenger in the web browser, but this option is different. The discussion this time is about sending audio messages that have already been recorded and saved on your computer, but not by Messenger.

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To send the pre-recorded audio message, click the blue plus icon again, then select Files. You will now want to find the audio file and add it to Messenger. Finally, hit the enter button to upload it to the person on the other end.

3]Should I record audio with Facebook Messenger?

Facebook is the number one social network on the planet, but that doesn’t mean it’s a perfect experience. See, the platform is notorious for its privacy issues, and that became evident when it came to audio in 2019.

The company came out and confirmed that a team of contractors were transcribing audio messages without the user’s knowledge. The basic idea is that an algorithm checks the audio for anything out of the ordinary. Now, that’s not the same as a human listening to your audio, but at the same time, we can’t say for sure if Facebook has ever participated in such practices.

In truth, we recommend using other platforms to send audio messages and files, but if you have few options, take advantage of what Facebook Messenger has to offer.

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