Facebook is not just a social networking site. It also acts as a productivity enhancement tool. The site makes it easier for its users to share photos, links, and even files. The file can be a text or Word document, an MP3 song, an image or a video. Consider a situation where you need to exchange a file with your friend. I bet you’ll resort to the trusted and widely followed method of emailing him – but what if you don’t have his email id. Things can get difficult. Is not it ? Not anymore! A Facebook user can use Facebook Messenger to exchange files directly rather than emailing them to the data subject.

If you don’t know, Facebook Chat or Messenger supports file sharing natively. The reason why this feature is still not known to many users is for the simple reason that it is somewhat hidden in a menu in the chat client. However, you can upload the file to the Internet and share the link to it in the chat.

Share files with Facebook friends

Log into your Facebook account and open a chat box for the friend you want to share files with. It would be best to go to messenger.com and then select the friend you want to share the file with.

When the chat window opens, click the plus icon next to the chat box if you want to send something other than an image. If you need to send a photo, click on the album-shaped icon.

If you click on the plus icon, it will reveal more options which include Attachment, Video, Audio, Sticker, Photo, Gif, etc. When you click on one of them, it will instantly open a file browser that you can use to select one or more files that you want to share with the user. If you click on the image icon, it will open the browser to select a file.

You will notice that all the selected files are displayed in the interface but not sent immediately. This is something that can fool a novice user, as it did to me. When you see the file at the very bottom of the chat window, it means the selected files are in the queue, ready to share, but have not yet been downloaded or shared with the other person.

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Share Files Preview Messenger

To share them, type a message or enter text, then press the Enter button. If you want to delete the file, you can unsend by clicking on the menu and selecting Undo for Everyone. If the person has not seen the files or the message, they will only see a notification about the content being deleted.

File sent to Messenger

All selected files will then be shared and your chat bubble will display the file link for the recipient to click and read the file. Click on the link and it will ask for permission to open the desired file with your default application.

Sharing files on Facebook or Messenger is very simple. It’s also possible to download the files, which is handy if you accidentally delete the original file.

How to send a PDF file to Messenger?

You need to click the attachment icon after clicking the plus icon to select a PDF file and then send it. Click the album to filter out non-picture files and you won’t choose them. Similarly, if you need to send a video, select the video icon.

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