IP Address Tracking has always been described as an ultimate tool to track location in movies. There is always a geek typing in the numbers and getting the exact location of the device. In reality, IP tracking might not be that advanced, but it sure works. IP address tracking is useful if you want to track your visitors, find suspicious activity and track it down, or if you want your web page to automatically load the user’s country and display relevant details. In this article, we have covered some basic free online IP address locator services that can help you track IP address based on their location.

Track IP address location


This service is the best online IP tracking service available. We already covered this in our email headers tutorial article. You might want to check it here. The web service is simple to use. All you have to do is enter an IP address and hit the submit button. Additionally, the app will automatically load your default IP address. This comes in handy when you want to track yourself.

Once you submit the request, it will show lots of details about the IP. Some of the details available are country, region, city, hostname, organization, and ISP. In addition, the geolocation is displayed on a map with the coordinates. You can use all these details for your reference and you can also contact the particular ISP for more details about the IP address. ipTRACKERonline.com also provides you with other tools to monitor and track IP addresses. The service also offers API access for a nominal fee; you can buy 150,000 queries for around $40. Click on here go to ipTRACKERonline.com


IPLocation is another IP geolocation tracking service that has a lot to offer. What’s special about this service is that it tracks your IP address and retrieves data from five different geolocation databases. You can see the results answered by each of them. IPLocation also lets you track IPv6 and even domain names. It displays details such as country, region, city, longitude, latitude, hostname, and organization. The variety of databases allows you to confirm the authenticity of each other. But you might be surprised to see different answers from some databases. Along with IP tracking, the service offers various other tools such as a subnet calculator, proxy check, and email header explorer. Click on here to access IPLocation.

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infoSniper is a commercial Web API geolocation service. Apart from the API, you can access the service for free through their website. It returns a response with all the general details that we have already covered in this article. Additionally, the service offers unlimited annual and monthly API plans. 150,000 queries can cost you around $40 and an unlimited monthly plan around $85. Click on here to go to infoSniper.


This service tracks IP addresses using the MaxMind geographic data provider. Note that MaxMind was one of five providers used by IPLocation.net. MaxMind is considered very accurate in the United States, and you can check accuracy levels for other countries online. IPFingerPrints provides all necessary details and contact details on a map. Click on here to access IPFingerPrints.


IP-Tracker is a free IP search and tracking service. It comes with a number of features that other services don’t have. Apart from general details such as hostname, IP address, and geolocation, this service can give you reverse DNS results and blacklist check results.

Track IP address location

The blacklist check can tell you whether a particular IP address has ever been found with malicious activity or not. It can give you a threat level score between 0 and 255 and the last recorded malicious activity. Click on here go to IP-Tracker.org

Here are some services that can help you track an IP address based on its location. Be sure to check the accuracy levels of a geolocation database before relying on the results. If you have any other links to add to help you track IP addresses, feel free to add them in the comments below.

If you want to browse without exposing your real IP address, you can use free Proxy software or VPN software.

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