The all-time favorite music platform Google Play Music will be gone by the end of this year and replaced by the revamped version youtube music without interrupting the default streaming quality. But before that, you need to transfer your music libraries such as your downloaded and purchased songs, playlists, albums and personal songs including likes and dislikes from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. And if you fail to do so, you will end up losing your access to them all.

You can perform this transfer process with iOS device, Android phone and from the web. Even after transferring your music library, you can continue to use Google Play Music and your music library will still be there. Also, if you add something to your music library, you have to transfer it again.

In this guide, we’ll show you an easy way to transfer your account, music library, and subscriptions from Google Play Music to YouTube Music with just one click. So let’s get started.

Transfer Google Play Music to YouTube Music

To transfer your Google Play Music to YouTuber Music, follow the suggestions below. Please note that it may take some time before the transfer process is available.

1]Using the web service

To start the process from the web, go to first, then click the Transfer button.

You can also click on your profile icon (in the upper right corner) and then click on Settings > Transfer from Google Play Music.

Once you start the process, it may take a few seconds or a few days depending on how much content you need to remove.

You will receive an email when the transfer is complete and a notification on your mobile if your notification is enabled.

Your downloaded and purchased songs, playlists, likes and dislikes in your library will be moved with just one click.

2]Using the Smartphone app

If you want to perform this transfer process using an iOS or Android device, first go to the Play Store and then download the YouTube music app.

If this app is pre-installed on your smartphone, make sure it has the latest version of YouTube Music.

Now open the app and you will see a Transfer your Google Play Music accountclick on the Transfer button at the bottom of the screen.

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If you don’t see this message, click your profile icon, then go to Settings > Transfer from Google Play Music.

Once the process is started, it will take some time depending on how much content you need to remove.

To note: If you still don’t see the associated forwarding message, your device probably hasn’t received the rollover feature yet.

After completing the transfer procedure successfully, you will receive a notification on your device.

Now enjoy all your playlists, albums and more.

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