drop box is a very good cloud storage provider that has multiple types of accounts, and the basic plan comes with 2GB of space which you can use to store all files and sync them across multiple devices. If you often share files via this cloud storage, here is a simple trick that will let you update a shared file, without breaking its URL or link, on Dropbox.

Many people use Dropbox to share files, documents, etc. For example, you work in a team and you want to share a document that you have updated. At times like these, there are two different methods to do so. First, you can share two different links for two different files. Second, you can use this trick to replace the file without changing the shared URL. The second method seems very useful when you need to change files frequently. Instead of creating a separate link for different files, you can try this trick.

Update a file shared on Dropbox without breaking its link

When you create a share link on Dropbox, it offers a permalink like this:

Each time you create a new share link, the unique identifier turns. This means that if you delete a file from a specified location and upload the updated file with the same name to the same directory, the unique_id will be changed. Therefore, the first shared link will show a 404 error.

To avoid this problem, you must replace file without deleting. This means renaming the updated file with the same name as the current file which is already uploaded to Dropbox. You must change the name before uploading to Dropbox.

If you upload two separate files with the same name and extension, the existing file will be replaced by the new one, but the shared link will remain unchanged. This means that your existing shared link will not display any 404 error.

It is important to note that when you replace a file on Dropbox, the old file is deleted instantly. And so you will not be able to find this old file in the Recycle Bin. If you need to keep the old file, it is recommended that you download it before replacing it with the new file. The extension of the new file must be the same as that of the existing file. Otherwise, they will act as links to two different files.

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Let us know if it works for you.

How to replace a file without changing the link?

To replace a file without changing the link on Dropbox, you can follow the steps mentioned above. In simple words, you need to rename the existing or already downloaded file with the same as the old one. Otherwise, a new unique ID will be created automatically to mess things up.

Can shared Dropbox files be edited?

Yes, if you own a file, you can allow other people to edit a shared file. To do this, you need to provide that person with sufficient permission to allow editing. Like Google Drive and OneDrive, it is also possible to edit a shared file on Dropbox.

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