Once you have upgraded from Xbox One to Xbox OneSyou’ll notice the difference in size as it’s designed to be smaller, and also, the extra 4K/HDR capabilities can amp up your gaming pace. Here are some other Xbox One S features:

  • The Xbox One S can be positioned vertically. The Xbox One S supports vertical and horizontal orientation, while the original Xbox One is designed for horizontal use. Although most users placed the Xbox One vertically, it was wrong. Now that all the tips failed to change user habits, they changed the design of the product. Your Xbox One S can be positioned vertically using a stand that can be purchased separately. Some Xbox One bundles may come with a stand.
  • Compatibility In Accessories. Virtually all Original Xbox One accessories are designed to work on Original Xbox One and Original Xbox One S.

Switch from Xbox One to Xbox One S

Switching from the original Xbox One console to Xbox One S can be easy, as long as you follow specific steps.

Where to find saved games and apps

All your apps and games on Xbox One disc will work effectively with Xbox One S. Please note that your app and game licenses are attached to your profile and will transfer to your new console. However, you must digitally download the games you have purchased for your new Xbox One S console. To do this, go to My games and apps and choose the content you want to transfer or download to your next console.

Additionally, Xbox 360 games can also be played on Xbox One and Xbox One S consoles.

You can also store and access saved games and apps on cloud servers, which will help you quickly transfer your saved data from original Xbox One to Xbox One S remotely. Free up hard drive space to save other essential files. Once connected to your Xbox One S console, the saved data will automatically appear and be applied to a particular game. You can also save some files to your hard drive and cloud servers.

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How to get 4K and HDR content

With UHD TV, you can now automatically explore 4K and HDR content and Blu-ray movies. Once you’ve connected your console to a supported TV, your Xbox One S console should be able to automatically detect the signal, which will then prompt you to update the display settings.

Using the Kinect sensor

You will need a Kinect adapter when using the Kinect sensor that comes with the Xbox One S console. The adapter is free for a limited time only when customers upgrade from Xbox One to Xbox One S.

When using Kinect’s IR features, which are used to control specific devices in your home or space like AVR and TV, do not place your Xbox One S console in enclosed areas like cabinet to avoid any interference with IR signals.

Wireless network protocol

Xbox One S introduces its newest addition to wireless protocols – 802.11ac. This is added to its current list of supported wireless networking protocols, such as dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n. With the use of a wireless AC router, you can also use the network to be able to quickly connect your Xbox One S to Xbox Live.

Using Bluetooth

A Bluetooth radio is included when purchasing an Xbox One Wireless Controller, which can be connected to a Windows 10 PC or laptop. This uses another proprietary wireless radio when attempting to connect to your console Xbox One S.

Accessory pairing button

When you connect a wireless controller to your Xbox One S console, notice that the position of the button changes. It was originally placed on the side of the console but has now been moved to the front area just below the power button.

Do both consoles need to be turned on for network transfer?

Yes, both consoles must be on the same network. Once you enable the feature on the console, it will search for another console and initiate the transfer. There is no way to transfer the games over the Internet.

Is network transfer like game sharing?

No, the transfer allows you to switch from one console to another. Once done, you will no longer be able to play games on the first console. The process helps you quickly start playing games on the new console, instead of spending time re-downloading games to the console.

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