Google has an experimental section where small teams work together to create small projects. These are experimental and sometimes become a product, while sometimes they end up in a dead end. Such a project is Google magnetthat Google quietly announced.

What is Google Keen?

Keen is like another social platform, like Pinterest, where people can collaborate. However, it is a very exciting way to present and hold the idea. It is therefore not just another website, but can become a user-based recommendation engine that goes further. Keen is a new way to organize, collaborate and expand your interests.

In this article, we will share how you can use Google Keen.

How to use Google Keen

What makes Google Keen so great is that it uses Google Search and machine learning to find useful content that matches your interests. To start using Keen, you can either sign up using any email account or your Google account. There’s an Android app for that, so you can always switch between browser and app.

How to Create a Keen

How to Create a Keen

Hope you understood how you can use Google Keen or create a Keen. Visit to begin.

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