Multiplayer games are something we all enjoy. Whether it’s PUBG or Fortnite, we all have that innate urge to play with our friends. It may very well be a place where you can show off your competitive skills or have bragging rights when you do something spectacular. Either way, multiplayer games have come a long way or they’re definitely not limited to console-console/PC-PC anymore. So, if you are a PC gamer who wants to play Microsoft Store-exclusive games, you might encounter some hurdles. Setup can be a bit tricky for beginners, but we’re here to help.

Xbox Live Games that support multiplayer functions must be integrated with the Xbox platform to connect with online gamers. Here is a guide to help users set up this account and integrate it with their Xbox Live.

Use multiplayer in Xbox Live games on PC

In order to get multiplayer access or cross-play options (which are exclusive to certain Microsoft titles), an Xbox live account is first required. Xbox Live access helps users with multiplayer matchmaking and any additional multiplayer functionality. For those who are very new to this, here is a guide that will help you play with your friends without major problems:

From Xbox Live Games for PC Windows 10

First of all, you will need an Xbox Live account from which you can store your game achievements or the progress you make in the game. If you are wondering how to know if your game is Xbox Live compatible, look for an log that says “Xbox Live”. You can also find the Xbox Live app in the Microsoft store. A related feature called “Xbox Anywhere” lets you play your copy of the game on Windows or Xbox.

Steps to Start Multiplayer on Any Xbox Windows 10 Game

1]Start by opening the Xbox app from your start menu

2]Make sure you are logged in. You can now see a list of players you have added as friends.

3]Now you can open the game you want to play.

4]Keep pressing alt + tab to open the Xbox Live overlay.

5]Even though each game has respective features when it comes to inviting friends into the game, all of them use the Xbox Live overlay to do so.

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6]Find the multiplayer option in the game and then you can invite the players you want.

7]Click on their names and send them the invitation.

There is also another way to invite your friends

1]Open the Xbox Live app, then search for your friends’ gamertag.

2]Then open their profile and click invite.

3]But to invite any player, make sure they are already on your friends list.

4]Now invite them to your game.

5]Your friend will likely receive a pop-up notification that will link them directly to the lobby of the game you are in.

These are some of the most convenient ways to access multiplayer gaming functionality in Xbox-Live compatible Windows 10 PC games.

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