Tender age is a time in your life when you are still young and inexperienced. As such, parental or guardian supervision is essential to track time spent on devices, including computers, game consoles as well as websites and apps. So, to encourage healthy habits and help protect those you love, Microsoft has rolled out a Microsoft Family Safety app for Android and iPhone. Let’s see how the app works on an iPhone.

Microsoft Family Safety app for iPhone and Android phone

Help protect your family online and offline with Microsoft Family Safety. The Microsoft Family Safety app lets you protect your loved ones with digital and physical safety. It helps facilitate a conversation with your kids about developing healthy habits online and in the real world. Have peace of mind knowing your family is staying a little safer while giving your kids the independence to learn and grow with Microsoft Family Safety.

The app offers the following benefits, and more, according to Microsoft:

  • You receive a weekly activity report
  • Limit screen time to play
  • Set healthy boundaries with web and search filters
  • Receive purchase request emails to avoid surprise expenses.

The Microsoft Family Safety app helps parents better understand children’s screen time usage by allowing them to configure screen time limits, create screen time schedules, and set limits around web access. It can also be used to track the locations of family members. Find out how to get the app working on your Android or iPhone in minutes.

  1. Sign in to your Microsoft account. If you don’t have it, create one.
  2. Add someone to use the Family Safety app together.
  3. Assign a role to the person (organizer or member).
  4. Invite the person to the family group.
  5. Configure the settings.

Let’s see the process in a little detail now!

Download and install the Microsoft Family Safety app from the App Store.

When prompted, sign in with your Microsoft account.

To invite someone to join the group, add the member’s email id and wait for the person to respond.

organizer or member

Once accepted, you can add the person as a member or organizer.

Similarly, you can also add other members.

Now, if you want to monitor the added member’s smartphone activity, just ask the member to turn on the activity report.

screen activity report

Once done, you can check their daily activity summaries in a Dashboard view and restrict them if your child is obsessed with devices.

Each week, parents and children will receive an email with highlights of the child’s digital activity.

content filters

Likewise, you can control your child’s access to apps and websites. Microsoft has also added web and search filters to limit browsing to child-friendly sites.

To keep your child’s shopping habits in check, you can ask Microsoft to email you before any of your children buy something from the Microsoft Store.

If you want to stay connected or see your loved ones on a map, you can turn on location sharing and save the places they visit the most so you know where to find them at a glance. Make sure your location information is as up-to-date as possible. To do this, go to Settings.

Faucet Family security.

location sharing enabled

Choose Location and select Always option.

map location enabled

That’s all we can say about it!

You can get the Family Safety app here for your android phone or iPhone. See the video here on Microsoft.

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