With each new update, the layouts of software and tools change to better use them. Google Photos app seems to follow this policy quite often. The latest update rolled out to the Google Photos app aims to make it easier for users to put their recent images into new albums. How? When someone returns from an event or trip, Google Photos automatically compiles and suggests an album of your latest photos so you have a story from there.

The layouts and functionality of an app are changed over time to improve it for customer use. Based on this, Google has introduced new features of the Google Photos app for people who have trouble managing their photos and videos.

New features in the Google Photos app for iOS and Android

The very first change you will notice in the app when you launch it is the changed icon. The original Google Photos icon was inspired by a pinwheel. The same icon has been refreshed and simplified.

Second, the new Google Photos app aims to make it easier to use the app. Thus, it brings search to the fore with a new three-tab structure. Also, photos and videos have been given more prominence. Apart from these, there is a change in

  1. Three tab structure
  2. Redesigned search function
  3. New library feature
  4. Map view
  5. Memory function

Let’s explore the features mentioned above in a bit of detail!

1]Three tab structure

Compared to the previous version which supported 4 tabs (Pictures, Albums, For you, Share), the new Google Photos app has a three-tab structure: Photos, Search, and Library. The Share function has been changed to a function and the ‘For you‘ has been completely removed.

Google Photos app features

The latest update rolled out for the Google Photos app aims to make it easier to use the app. It also brings search to the fore with a new three-tab structure. The Photos tab, as always, stores all your photos and videos, but now you’ll see larger thumbnails, autoplay videos, and less white space between photos. Moreover, under the tab, you can find both old favorites and recent snaps.

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2]Revamped search function

As photo libraries continue to grow, the search function has become increasingly important. For this reason, Google has put search front and center to give you quick access to the people, places, and things that matter to you. To be precise, the tab displays people and animals that appear almost regularly in your photos and videos.

3]New library feature

The Library tab represents a collection of your most important photo library destinations, such as albums, favorites, trash, archives, and more. It has a print store that allows you to easily turn photos into prints and books. The store will currently only be visible to US, EU or Canadian customers.

4]Map View

Google says that as part of the new search tab, app users will see an interactive map view of their photos and videos. This is one of the most requested features. The newly added feature will support gestures such as pinch and zoom around the globe to explore travel photos, find where you took maximum photos (light tap on ‘See everything‘ option under ‘Places‘ will present you with a grid of locations). If you don’t want it enabled, just disable the ‘Position history’ and ‘camera location permission


If you’re a long-time Google Photos user, you’ll notice that the ‘For you‘ tab has been replaced by ‘Memories‘. This is a collection of some of your best photos and videos from the past few weeks or previous years. To access it, press ‘Pictures‘ and select a memory at the top. All your things like collages, stylized photos and animations will be visible below. You can think of it as a sort of private archive of your old photos that you browse like Instagram Stories.

The Memories feature is only available for iOS and Android devices. Therefore, if you are using the web version of the Google Photos app, it will not be available to you.

And you can still access your shared content by tapping the “conversation” button in the top left corner.

Finally, there’s a messaging-like feature called Conversations, seen as a speech bubble at the top of the app. Once clicked, it will show you a list of photos you’ve shared, along with any conversations you’ve had with your friends, if any.

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Google hopes app users will appreciate the new change and its streamlined Google Photos experience.

Please note that if the changes are not visible to you, don’t worry! Google will be rolling out the update over the next few weeks, worldwide.

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