When you think of Microsoft, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is Windows and Office. But the company has been working hard to gain popularity on other platforms like Android and iOS. In this article, we have listed the applications developed by Microsoft to android.

Microsoft apps for Android

To date, there is 96 apps that Microsoft has developed for the Android platform. Some of them have been listed below:

  1. Microsoft Apps: A hub to view and download all other Android apps released by Microsoft.
  2. Arrow thrower: A productivity-focused free launcher app with a beautiful design.
  3. Microsoft Word: This application allows you to view, edit and create new Word documents. It has a beautiful interface and is Microsoft’s most used Android app.
  4. Microsoft Excel: An app to manage Excel spreadsheets on your phone.
  5. Microsoft PowerPoint: Create, edit and view PPTs on the go with this app.
  6. Microsoft Outlook is an official Microsoft-backed email client that works with all major email providers.
  7. Skype for Business: Extends the functionality of Lync and Skype for your business accounts.
  8. Microsoft Office Mobile: Office app for Android OS before version 4.4.
  9. Microsoft One Drive: Android client to view, download and edit your files from your OneDrive storage account.
  10. Cortana for Android (early access): This app brings Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant to Android devices.
  11. Desktop lens: A document scanning utility linked to your Microsoft account.
  12. A note: Part of the office suite, a note-taking app linked to your Microsoft account so you can work anywhere.
  13. Intune Company Portal: Mobile client to install enterprise applications and remotely manage the Microsoft Intune enrolled device.
  14. Microsoft Bing search: The Bing search engine client for Android devices. Works with voice commands and quick actions.
  15. OWA for Android (pre-release): Mail client for mailboxes on Office 365 Enterprise.
  16. Next lock screen: A lock screen app meant to save time and quickly take action through the lock screen.
  17. Microsoft Translator: Translates text, voice and images in over 60 languages ​​to your phone.
  18. Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile: Easily create stunning time-lapse videos.
  19. Microsoft Authenticator: A helper Android app to facilitate two-step authentication.
  20. Microsoft Remote Desktop: Remotely access your Windows computers from anywhere.
  21. Kaizala: One of Microsoft’s garage projects. It’s a nice group and one-on-one chat app that focuses on productivity.
  22. MSN Money: Get stock quotes, prices, market data and news from MSN.
  23. Xbox: Connect with your Xbox friends and see what they’re playing. A complete app for the Xbox community.
  24. Age of Empires: Castle Siege: A fun strategy game where you can create your kingdom and defeat your enemies.
  25. Lync 2010: Mobile client for Lync Server.
  26. Microsoft To Do: An excellent cloud-based cross-platform task manager linked to your Microsoft account.
  27. Face swap: A fun app lets you swap your face with other people.
  28. Microsoft Teams: A chat-centric productivity app for businesses using Office 365.
  29. Microsoft Solitaire Collection: Bring the world’s number 1 classic solitaire game back to your Android device.
  30. MSN Weather: A weather app to show daily weather forecast and other conditions.
  31. SMS Organizer: A smart SMS inbox decluttering tool. Comes with features like SMS reminders and more.
  32. Word : A fun free online word game that can be played with friends and others online.
  33. MSN News: Read the latest news and stories from around the world provided by MSN.
  34. Keyboard for Excel: A garage project that provides an awesome keyboard for entering numeric and other data into an Excel application.
  35. MicrosoftSelfie: A smart selfie image enhancement tool available on all platforms.
  36. Picturesque Lock Screen: Another lock screen app brings Bing notifications, contacts, and pictures right to your lock screen.
  37. Xbox 360 Smart Glass: An Xbox 360 companion app that lets you control your console using your mobile.
  38. Switch to Windows: An app that lets you transfer contacts and other data if you switch to Windows Phone.
  39. Microsoft SharePoint: Connect to your Office 365 SharePoint websites using this application.
  40. Office 365 administrator: An account manager of Office 365 administrator accounts.
  41. Managed by Intune
  42. Microsoft Planner: A free task manager and teamwork organizer for Office 365 users.
  43. Remote office : Turn your phone into a wireless remote that can control Microsoft Office on your computer.
  44. Microsoft Power BI: Monitor and access your business data anywhere and interact with your Power BI dashboards.
  45. Outlook group: Collaborate with your team and do more with your Office 365 work or school account.
  46. Beta Xbox: the public beta of the next Xbox app with new features.
  47. Xbox One Smart Glass: This application allows users to remotely access their Xbox One.
  48. Microsoft Azure: Manage your Azure account from anywhere. Monitor resources and resolve issues in no time.
  49. Dynamic 365: Provides professionals with the best tools to engage customers and maintain their data.
  50. Microsoft Remote Desktop Beta: Remotely manage your Windows computers.
  51. My apps: Connect to apps you already use at work or school.
  52. Microsoft Channel 9: Browse and watch various developer videos on MSDN’s Channel 9 website.
  53. Microsoft feeds: Automate tasks and design your workflows to do more.
  54. Azure Information Protection: View protected files that other people have shared with you.
  55. Mimicker alarm: Another Garage Project app, an alarm clock app that wakes you up by playing a little game.
  56. Office Delve for Office 365: Connect with your colleague and see what they’re working on in Office 365.
  57. MSN Sports: Get sports news, score points, and watch sports-related videos powered by MSN.
  58. PowerApp: For business users, get the custom apps shared with you.
  59. Bing Ads: Monitor and edit your Bing ad campaigns right from your phone.
  60. Dynamic CRM: Manage customer information and prepare your appointments well.
  61. Instant Attacks: A fast word building game that can be played online.
  62. Microsoft Classroom: For Office 365 Education users, this app helps you easily manage your homework and grades.
  63. Microsoft WiFi: A Wi-Fi companion app for people visiting Seattle Center.
  64. Lively: Scan documents and create professional catalogs and videos for your business.
  65. O365 Message Encryption Reader: View and reply to encrypted OME messages from your phone.
  66. Microsoft Computer Showcase:
  67. Cutting layer: A garage project app lets you select, copy and save snippets from any screen.
  68. Microsoft startup directory: Learn and connect with startups Microsoft is currently working with.
  69. Next citizen: An application tries to facilitate the submission of problems to municipalities.
  70. Send: It is an email client that acts as an email client
  71. Microsoft technology: Receive updates and news on the latest Microsoft technologies and events.
  72. Pro News: Receive in-depth news tailored to your interests.
  73. Microsoft StaffHub: Manage your staff and schedule shifts easily.
  74. Microsoft Computer Showcase: Learn about the technology used within Microsoft.
  75. Hub keypad: This keypad brings information from different departments at your fingertips.

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The list is quite long and most of the apps are quite useful. Some are garage projects, and some are in beta. We haven’t covered a few not so popular apps, you might want to check out the play store for a full list of apps.

Can you run Android apps on Windows?

One way to use Android apps on Windows is to use the Phone Link app, but it’s limited to a few devices. The second method is to use Windows Insider and install the files available on Amazon Store. It is still in the development phase but works.

Can Windows 10 run Google apps?

Microsoft doesn’t have direct support for running Google or Android apps on Windows, but you can use an emulator to experience it. However, since they are not officially supported and run on the emulator, the experience may differ.

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