Facebook is doing everything it can to increase the popularity of Messenger and to make sure that all Facebook users use it. Recently, Facebook introduced features such as sending money, booking Uber taxis (mainly in the US), “other messages” tab to see messages sent by a non-Facebook friend and much more in Messenger, with the aim of convincing its users to use Messenger. In the same way, now comes the turn to introduce Facebook Messenger bots allowing a fluid conversation between its users and the company. Simply put, talking to bots is like talking to your friends. Let’s see what are the bots and the best among the bots available.

What are Facebook Messenger bots

Simply put, Messenger Bots are Facebook pages or business accounts that respond to your requests using an Artificial Intelligence algorithm. Many bots are being developed for Messenger to make life easier for the user. You can access Messenger bots on mobile and web. If you have a business, then Facebook allows you to create your bot using the messaging platform. It’s one of the best ways to interact with customers and maintain long-term relationships. Anyway, I won’t discuss the creation, but I will let you know how to use the best Facebook Messenger bots, as a normal user like me.

Access Messenger bots

As said before, using bots is like talking to your friend. So, press the “+” button and click on “Write a message”. Now head to the search bar, type “@” and give the name of the bot as shown below.

Facebook Messenger BOT

As there are many Facebook Messenger bots available, in this article, I will share with you some of the best bots that you can start using right away.

1. CNN

If you want to get the best stories of the day, you have to try the CNN Messenger bot. By just typing a few words, you can ask CNN to give you top stories so you can read the story and get a summary.

cnn messenger bot

2. The Wall Street Journal

The WSJ bot uses the WSJ Newsroom to bring you live market data and announce trade news. You can get information on top news, markets, live market insights and enable alerts for the latest headlines.

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wsj messenger bot

3. the score

TheScore bot is for sports fans like you. It gives you the latest score updates, scheduled matches and updates you all about your favorite games. This bot gives you updates regarding the NBA, NHL, MLB football leagues, and more. Just type the name of the team to follow, and you can unfollow teams, update alerts, and more. through the settings.

thescore messenger bot

4. Where

If you are a cooking lover, then Where Messenger Bot is for you. It lets you know nearby restaurants, hotels, salons and more. You can start typing “Help me decide” and it helps you by showing the suggestions. You can search for hotels and restaurants using a PIN code, city name, address or landmark or by typing “Nearby”. It even shows you suggestions based on the type of food you’re looking for.

where messenger bot

5. LazySet

The LazySet Messenger bot belongs to the entertainment category. It creates a playlist of songs from your favorite artist on Spotify. To do this, just start typing the artist’s name and click the link to connect to Spotify to save songs by that artist to a playlist.

lazy messenger robot

6. To install

Instalocate is the real-time flight tracking robot. You can track flight status, exact flight location, time of departure, arrival and more. Start typing the name of the flight and simple questions like where is [flight name], and it shows you the required information. It also shows you directions to the airport and allows you to check in online. Combinations like Track [Name][Number], [Flight Name][Number] and more are possible using this bot.

install a mail bot

7. Poncho

If you are planning a visit and want to know the weather conditions of any location, the Poncho Messenger bot does the work for you. Type in the city name or zip code, and it will show you the weather for that location. Simple, if you want to know the weather outside, start using the Poncho bot. Don’t forget to check out the Poncho bot before you plan to go out.

poncho messenger robot

8. Zodia.cc

Start your day knowing your reach. Zodia allows you to know the daily horoscope on Messenger. Type your zodiac sign and today’s prediction will speak. It gives more information about how it’s going to be tomorrow, health predictions, and rates the day on a scale of 5.

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zodiac messenger robot

Create your own Bot without any coding

As we know Messenger bot helps to interact with user using AI, there is a lot to do. The main advantage of using robots is that there is no need to install another application when the job is done with the application already installed.

So if you have a brand or a business and want to create a Messenger bot, you can use bot creation services like Manychat.com, MobileMonkey.comand Chatfuel.com. Using these services does not require any coding skills and start developing a Messenger bot to interact with your customers. These services also offer a free plan.

If you have anything to add, please let us know via the comments.

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