YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform, however, interaction on the website is mostly limited to commenting on videos. Imagine if that little privilege is also hurt and your the comment fails to be published on YouTube. If you encounter this problem, read this article for resolution.

This problem can have many causes including ad blockers, spam detection, browser issues, server issues, etc. you get the error The comment could not be published. In another case, trying to edit your comment, the comment would disappear.

  1. Disable ad blockers
  2. Disable extensions on your browser or open the browser in InPrivate/InCognito mode
  3. Play the video for a few seconds
  4. Delete browser cache and cookie files
  5. Disable VPN and proxies on your system
  6. Sign out and sign in to YouTube

To resolve the error The comment could not be published on YouTubetry the following solutions in order:

1]Disable ad blockers

Ad blockers are your enemies. Most websites limit their functionality to systems using ad blockers. It’s the same with YouTube. Since they earn ads, they prevent access to many features for systems and browsers using ad blockers. Disable adblockers and see.

2]Disable extensions on your browser or open the browser in InPrivate/InCognito mode

browser extension

Many of your browser extensions, especially those related to security and ad blocking, will limit the functionality of websites, one of which is the case under discussion. So, remove these extensions at least temporarily to isolate the case.

If you are not sure which extensions to disable, you can try opening the browser in InPrivate or InCognito mode to isolate the cause.

3]Play the video for a few seconds

The comment could not be published on YouTube

Just like with other social media platforms, spammers also exist for YouTube. They try to post links in the comment section of popular videos or otherwise try to spam. This is usually done via bots.

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To deter these bots from spamming videos, YouTube may ban you from commenting unless you have played the video for a few seconds. So try to play the video for a few seconds to overcome this blockage.

4]Delete browser cache and cookie files

Cache and cookie files are data stored offline, which helps to increase the loading speed of websites. However, if the cache or cookie files associated with a certain website or webpage are corrupted, you may have problems loading that website or using certain features of that website, as explained with YouTube in this article. In such a situation, you can delete cache and cookie files associated with YouTube and restart your browser.

5]Disable VPN and proxies on your system

Disable manual proxy

Online streaming websites like YouTube and Netflix have location-restricted content. Many users attempt to circumvent these restrictions by using VPNs or proxies, an act strongly discouraged by YouTube and against its policies. If the website discovers the same, it will block you from using its feature and you may encounter the error The comment could not be published on YouTube.

Thus, it is advised to disable any VPN or proxy while using YouTube. The procedure for disabling proxies is as follows:

Click the Start button and navigate to Settings > Network & Internet > Proxy.

Under Manual proxy configuration, disable the switch to use a proxy server.

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6]Log out and log in to YouTube

Sign out of YouTube

Sometimes the solution to a very difficult problem is simple and here it can be as simple as logging out and logging back into YouTube.

To sign out, click your name icon in the upper right corner and select Sign Out. Then log back into YouTube as you normally would.

Hope this helped solve your problem.

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