We spent time discovering a location changer named advanced iMoveGo from WooTechy and testing it with various apps, including the original Pokémon GO app. Here’s our in-depth review of how this software helps you explore different digital places without ever leaving your home.

Why do you need to change your location?

Whenever you play AR-based games like Pokémon GO, you’re limited to physical movement around your home and neighborhood. Unfortunately, there are so many rare and location-based Pokemon that you can’t catch without physically traveling to different parts of the globe. However, a powerful location changer can work as a Pokémon GO spoofer that allows you to play pokemon go from home slowly.

There are many other reasons to change your location on your mobile device besides Pokémon GO. Some others include:

· Protection of private life – there are many apps where you would want to protect your identity or real location information. Think location trackers like Find My, social media, dating apps, comment boards, and anything that attempts to present your precise physical location.

· Trick Your Friends – it can be a lot of fun pretending you’re somewhere exotic to your friends on Snapchat or Telegram when you’re actually at home. Or surprise them by hiding your real location.

Improve security – cyberbullying and doxing are more common than many realize. Using a location spoofer ensures that people who might harm you do not have access to your private location data.

· Eliminate geo-fence – iMoveGo helps you bypass location-based restrictions. This way you can access news, media and streaming services in parts of the world where you don’t have to be indoors to enjoy them.

The Best Location Changer – WooTechy iMoveGo

With WooTechy’s professional s poofer location, iMoveGo will let you teleport your location anywhere in the world with just a few clicks. It works well on all location-based apps, such as Find My, Snapchat, Life360, WhatsApp, and even Pokémon GO. Since it works from a computer and not from your phone, it is impossible to detect.

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Most impersonation apps require you to jailbreak your iPhone or root your Android. This is not the case with iMoveGo. There is no need to jailbreak or root your device. Everything can be done through the software safely, reliably and without detection.

iMoveGo spoofs location to iPhone and Android devices using features like:

Simulate GPS movement

iMoveGo lets you simulate GPS movement along any custom path. Yes, you can instantly teleport to different locations, and you can also move through those areas at whatever speed you want. This protects your activity in games like Pokémon GO so you can avoid receiving a ban or other punishment.

GPS Joystick

With iMoveGo you can use the GPS joystick which gives you full control over your trainer in Pokémon GO using a keyboard. So you can visit places with rare Pokémon, hit a lot of Pokéstops, participate in long distant raids or be able to hatch more eggs from home.

Realistic mode

Besides using a fixed speed, you can also enable “realistic mode” which randomly varies the speed of your GPS movement to make it look like you are walking/running/driving at a natural speed.

Other powerful features include:

  • Compatible with all iOS and Android versions including iOS 15 and Android 12.
  • Save historical records your movements and your locations in the game.
  • Create lists of favorite places to and from which you want to go.
  • Import/Export a GPX file to save your favorite routes.
  • Easy to use, thanks to its simple interface .
  • Location spoofed on up to 5 iOS devices at a time.

Guide to 3-step location spoofing without jailbreak:

Here are the basic steps to use iMoveGo on your device so that you can fake your GPS location:

  • Step 1 : Download iMoveGo on your PC and launch the program. Next, connect your device to your PC via Wi-Fi or using a USB cable.
  • 2nd step : Once the map is loaded, click Teleport mode and enter the places or coordinates you want to go to. Once your location is displayed, click To move .
  • Step 3: To simulate GPS movement, you can create a route by selecting the mode multipoint or the fashion 2 points . Click again on To move .

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Your location will now be based on the information you selected. If you need to reset your device’s location to the default GPS value, simply restart your phone or tablet.

iMoveGo pricing plan (available for Windows and macOS)

There are three tiered plans for iMoveGo that you can select when deciding to purchase the software. These are:

  • 1 month plan, $9.95 per month.
  • 1 term package, $19.95 ($6.66 per month).
  • Lifetime plan, one-time purchase of $59.95

Lifetime plan makes the most financial sense especially for long-term Pokémon GO trainers who anticipate frequent use of the game, or people who need to protect their online location on social media and dating apps.

WooTechy also allows users to try iMoveGo with a free try which presents the different features before making a purchase. The company also offers a time-limited 40% discount during the holidays. You can check here for more details.


Location-based apps like Pokémon GO are a real challenge for anyone who doesn’t have the physical ability, motivation, or financial resources to travel to remote and exotic parts of the world to catch all the available Pokémon. The only way around this problem is to use reliable location spoofing software, and WooTechy’s iMoveGo is a safe and reliable answer.

If you want more privacy on your social media exploits or family locator apps, iMoveGo also offers plenty of features. It’s an easy-to-use platform that will allow you more freedom to enjoy location-based attributes of games and apps than you would otherwise ever have.

Start by downloading the free trial version to get an idea if iMoveGo will work in your situation. Then, when you’re ready, upgrade to the premium version and catch all the rare Pokémon you could want. Good hunt!

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