Twitter is one of the most popular and addictive social networking sites today, aside from Facebook. Originally thought of as a micro-blogging site, Twitter quickly turned into a site where people started sharing everything – from what they eat to what they think, their habits, their obsessions, their ups and downs, what they are up to, what they plan to do and more. You can view any person’s timeline and know many facts about them. It’s time to take a look at your Twitter privacy settings!

Twitter privacy settings

Twitter has grown from a simple SMS service to a solid micro-blogging platform. Most people use this service to find breaking news, share links, and create memes, but it’s equally important to focus on privacy and security. Here are some tips to protect and secure your privacy on Twitter.

Practical tips to protect and secure your privacy on Twitter

Einstein’s brain doesn’t have to keep Twitter private. You just need to exercise a little caution when configuring various privacy settings!

  1. Protect your tweets.
  2. Configure photo tagging options.
  3. Manage discovery options.
  4. Manage contacts.
  5. Prevent Twitter from tracking your visits to other websites.

See the steps below for more details!

1]Protect your Tweets

You can manage what information about you should be visible to others by protecting your tweets. When selected, your Tweets and other account information are only visible to people who follow you. Open Twitter Settings and go to Privacy and Security. under your Twitter activity, select Audience and markup.

Then check the Protect your tweets box.

Protecting your tweets is not a viable option unless you want to interact with limited people. If you want more followers and want to engage with more people, don’t protect your tweets.

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2]Configure photo tagging options

Photo tagging

It only allows people you select to tag you in their photos and receive notifications.

3]Manage discovery options


With this setting, you can control your discovery settings and manage the contacts you’ve imported. For example, you can decide whether people who know your email address or phone number can find and contact you on Twitter.

4]Manage Contacts

Manage Contacts

You can delete all contacts you’ve previously downloaded and disable syncing with Twitter on all devices.

5]Stop Twitter from tracking your visits to other websites

Excluding Twitter activity

Under the Privacy and Security setting, go to Data Sharing and Off-Twitter Activity, and extend the Off-Twitter activity menu. This setting allows Twitter to track your visits to other websites that embed Twitter content, such as embedded news feeds. uncheck the box marked against this option.

While there’s no foolproof way to ensure complete security, managing important settings controls as described above will help you stay safe on Twitter.

Go here, if you want to know what to do if you are blocked on Twitter or if your account is compromised.

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