Web browsers that take full advantage of 64-bit Windows computers are rare – and that’s a problem in the computer user’s mind. However, there is one in particular that promises to deliver high performance, and this browser is called water fox. WaterFox is a Firefox-based web browser, and for the most part it’s the same when it comes to looks and functionality.

Almost all browsers read your personal data. Your data is occasionally sent to their teams to develop the browser to better meet your needs. There is a browser that does not track any of your activities, read your personal data or transfer it to its developers. This is the Waterfox web browser.

Waterfox Browser Review

Waterfox is a web browser like any other web browser. It all started in March 2011 with Alex Kontos, a then 16-year-old student. It did so based on this 64-bit browser based on Mozilla’s free and open-source platform. The browser is currently owned by System 1, and Alex Kontos still runs it.

It is a browser designed to protect user privacy and give more speed than other browsers. You will decide what happens on your browser because it shows all the options. The aim of the Waterfox browser is to make sure that the user does not worry about what is happening in the browser.

The Waterfox browser has two versions. One is classic and the other is current. The classic version is developed for older versions with specific needs. The current version is updated regularly and works best with the latest websites and systems.

Normally all other browsers are powered by Blink or WebKit. Since Waterfox has different purposes, it is powered by Gecko, a layout engine developed by the Mozilla project.

Waterfox Browser Features

waterfox browser for windows

1]Browser focused on zero telemetry and privacy

Each browser collects a certain amount of data and tracks its usage. They occasionally send the data to make changes and provide the best possible browsing experience for the user. The Waterfox browser does not. It values ​​user privacy, which collects very limited data and does not track anything that happens there.

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2]Install extensions from other browsers

Waterfox Browser allows you to install extensions from the Chrome Web Store, Firefox Add-ons Store, and Opera Extensions Store. This is not possible on all other browsers. We cannot find extensions available on one browser on another. This feature eliminates this problem.

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3]Fast and reliable

The developer promises that Waterfox browser offers more speed than other browsers. The browser is designed to deliver the best speeds with user privacy in mind.

When Waterfox and Mozilla Firefox are compared. Waterfox showed no real speed improvement. Both browsers are almost identical. All browsers are improved to meet changing technologies, such as Waterfox. What we liked most about the Waterfox browser is the ability to install add-ons from Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. The speeds are almost the same, but the privacy controls change.

Waterfox can be downloaded from the official site now for free

Is Waterfox a safe browser?

Yes, Waterfox browser is a safe browser for web browsing. It is a privacy-centric browser that provides users with better speeds without telemetry. It has been 10 years since the browser was first released.

Can Waterfox use Chrome extensions?

Yes, you can use Chrome extensions on Waterfox browser. Not only Google Chrome, you can also use Firefox add-ons and Opera extensions on Waterfox. This is one of the best features available on Waterfox.

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