In our suite, but short LibreOffice series, let’s talk about how to use fashions. You see, the tool comes with several predefined styles, but you don’t have to use them because it is possible to easily create and modify styles.

So, the question then is what are styles and how can we use them to better format documents in LibreOffice on a Windows PC?

Alright, from what we understand, styles are a set of formats that users can apply to selected pages, frames, texts, and other elements in your documents to quickly change the appearance. Each time a style is applied, it usually means applying an entire group of formats at the same time.

Most people using a word processor tend to manually format tables, layouts, paragraphs, words, and other sections of their document without ever looking at styles. It’s common and we doubt that will change anytime soon.

We suggest using styles as they improve the consistency of your document. Plus, when it comes time to make major format changes, the job becomes much easier.

  1. Different ways to use styles
  2. Use the Styles menu
  3. Enjoy the Styles deck
  4. Use format fill mode

Let’s look at this from a more detailed point of view.

1]Different ways to use styles

There are several ways for the user to apply styles to their document, and as such we are going to discuss all of them today. Getting the job done is super easy, and as such we expect everyone to get the hang of it in no time.

2]Use the Styles menu

OK, so one of the easiest ways to take advantage of Styles in LibreOffice Writer, for example, is to position the cursor in the right section of the document, then click on Styles via the menu above, and finally, to select the required style.

Changes should be made immediately after selecting the appropriate style for the job.

3]Take advantage of the Styles deck

Styles in LibreOffice

Regarding the Styles game, called Styles and Formatting in older installations, the user will have few problems in learning how to use it. This section contains all the tools for styles, so you will never miss a thing.

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To turn it on, press F11or Seen > Styles or Style > Manage Styles. You can also select the Styles tab from the sidebar by going to Seen > Lateral bar.

4]Use fill format mode

Formatting styles

OK, so there’s a feature in the Styles section called Format Fill, and a lot of users might want to take advantage of it. You see, the Format Fill option will allow the user to quickly apply styles to several different sections of a document without having to go back to the style set each time.

We can start by opening the style set and then choosing the style needed for your document. You should now see the Fill Format button; go ahead and select it.

To apply a paragraph, page, or frame style, hover over the paragraph, page, or frame and click the mouse. To apply a character style, hold down the mouse button while selecting characters. Clicking on a word applies the character style for that word.

Finally, to exit Format Fill mode, just press the Esc key and that’s it.

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