Working and learning from home is becoming the new norm, meaning global citizens need to connect to a reliable network internet service provider (ISP). Now that is easier said than done as many of them use different technologies to provide connectivity to your home.


Today we are going to talk about the two best fiber optic or FTTx options that you should consider if the options are available. They’re both FTTC and FTTH, and guess what? They are much faster and more reliable than DSL.

OK, so let’s take a look at the differences between the two to give you a better idea of ​​which one to choose in the long run.

1]What is FTTC

If you are wondering what FTTC is, well it means fiber to cabinet, which should give you an idea of ​​what to expect. You see, your ISP’s connection with this technology does not go directly to your home, but instead the fiber optic cables travel to a large cabinet-like structure in your area.

Fiber optic cable technology connects to the base station cabinet in the neighborhoods, and from there it relies on copper wires to deliver internet connection to homes or businesses within range. the wardrobe. Now, the reasoning behind copper user has everything to do with cost savings.

We have to point out that FTTC has a cool feature called Dynamic line management, or DLM for short. It is an automated system that guarantees stable, error-free and fast connections.

Running fiber directly to homes is expensive, so yes, FTTC is the cheaper option of the two. Moreover, it is also called FTTN (Fiber To The Node).

Difference between FTTC and FTTH technologies

From what we have written above, it is clear that FTTH will offer faster speeds than FTTC, and this is due to its 100% fiber optic connection to the home or business. However, this makes installation more expensive, therefore, for many users, FTTC will probably be their first option due to cheaper installation.

Yet, people should always consider that FTTC uses copper to provide internet connection to homes and businesses, and as we know, copper is not as reliable. Additionally, it must be emphasized that FTTH was built for the long term, which means there is room for expansion, and the same cannot be said for FTTC.

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As it stands, FTTC is more widely available for home users, while businesses are more attracted to FTTH. Over time, however, we expect FTTH to be inexpensive to the point where most regular consumers can afford to install the service in their homes.

With the spread of working from home, it could happen sooner rather than later, and you know what? This is a good thing.

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