Mathematics is an essential subject for a child’s learning and overall development. Many parents nowadays prefer math learning apps like Creta Class India to provide interactive and informative math education to their kids at home.

Having the right math skills can help children do well in school, not just at first, but in the future. Although math skills are taught in every classroom, a lot depends on parents how well they teach their children math at home to ensure they understand the concepts well.

Importance of math for children

Mathematics is a subject that has general application in our daily lives. Almost every other task we do relates to mathematical concepts in some way. If you as a parent realize this soon, you can develop a sense of curiosity and love for math in your children from an early age.

Now let’s look at some other reasons why learning math is essential for your 3-8 year olds:

Math stimulates problem solving and global learning

If your child isn’t interested in math, they may not like school or math-related hobbies, like sports or console games. Various math learning apps including Creta Class India offer vivid storytelling methods combined with animated videos in kids math lessons to help them engage in problem solving and become motivated with learning. math learning, what Creta Class will benefit children not only in math learning itself, but also have a lifelong influence on overall learning and everyday life.

Math skills provide a foundation for science and technology

Learning math helps your child develop an interest in science and technology subjects like biology, chemistry and physics, as well as engineering subjects like aeronautics and mechanical engineering, etc., all of which are essential to continue their studies at higher levels. Math learning products, for example, Creta Class understands child psychology and designs the lesson with animated experiences in stories that involve knowledge not just math. This is how they developed their online math course for 3-8 year olds to teach tricky problems.

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Mathematics is necessary in everyday life

Children learn math by memorizing numbers and shapes, which helps them understand how numbers work together to tell stories about what’s happening in the world. Learning to tell the time can be difficult if you need help with math. Good arithmetic skills are required for calculating bills, budget planning and balancing checkbooks. Using pictures and shapes to guide children in learning logical thinking and crucial math skills is what online math lessons like Creta Class offer.

How do math learning apps add value to children’s math learning?

Math learning apps are much more beneficial because of their video and animated content. It is easier to attract the attention of young children. Since they love to play, it’s obvious that anything more cartoon-like will catch their attention.

With the help of a math learning app that has a science designed curriculum that all parents love, Creta Class for example, it becomes easier for kids to learn and remember basic math concepts . Mathematics is a universal language and has applications in various sectors. Play activities, short animated video lessons, and quizzes are how kids practice and revise math concepts after learning them.


Math is a logical language, and if you are looking for an online math course for your child, you are definitely on the right track. Many parents prefer online math lessons, which is a great way to tutor them at home.

Choose reliable math learning apps like Creta Class to learn more about math lessons and what else they offer your child. With the help of these apps, you can rest assured that your child will learn the basics and even advanced levels of math from an early age. Creta Class is available on Google Play on Android and App Store on Apple. Download and try it!

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