If you play online games on Xbox One, you will need to purchase Xbox subscriptions such as Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass to do this. When you launch a game on Xbox One and receive an error code 0X803F800B. This means that your subscription has expired, which can either be for the game you are trying to launch or for the Xbox subscription. Here’s how to fix the problem.

Xbox One Game Won’t Launch, Error 0X803F800B

Sometimes the automatic payment failed, or you may have exhausted your account balance, and you may just need to renew your subscription to solve the problem.

  1. Renew Xbox Subscription
  2. Renew game subscription
  3. Review payment information
  4. Pay the outstanding balance.

Many times people cancel subscription or turn off auto-renewal, and that’s why you see this.

1]Renew Xbox or game subscription

There may be two possible subscriptions related to the error. One is the Xbox Live subscription, and the second is that the game itself has a subscription.

  • Press the Xbox button and go to Profile and System
  • Then go to Settings > Account > Subscriptions.
  • If you see a renewal option, make payment and complete it.
  • Launch the game and check if the problem exists.

2]Renew game subscription

  • Go to the Services and subscriptions page of your Microsoft account
  • Find the game subscription, if any, listed under it, such as EA Access, then select Renew,
  • Then follow the instructions and redeem the subscription in the Microsoft Store.

This happens with games that come with a limited time subscription or trial game or if the game is only available when you activate Pass subscriptions.

4]Pay the outstanding balance

If there is an outstanding balance for anything Xbox related, be sure to clear the payment. You can find it under Payment & Billing. Select and click Pay Now. Select one of the added payment methods and delete it.

In summary, the error is related to the subscription, and it is only when you renew that the problem will be resolved.

Hope the tips were helpful and you were able to get rid of the error – Xbox One game won’t launch error 0X803F800B.

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